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Genius Brands International Inc (OTCMKTS:GNUS) Increases Upward Momentum

by Anastas Gegov April 1, 2016

The last time we wrote about Genius Brands International Inc (OTCMKTS:GNUS, GNUS message board) was nearly a year ago, when the ticker surged up the charts following its most recent financial filing. Since then GNUS has lost quite a lot of altitude and even managed to drop below the $1 per share mark in the final quarter of last year.


This year wasn’t that favorable towards the stock of GNUS and we saw the ticker still sliding, while recording small daily volumes. This, however, has changed since the beginning of last month and we saw GNUS gain altitude and go towards the $1 per share mark once again. Meanwhile, we got to see the results for the fiscal 2015.


  • cash: $5.18 million
  • current assets: $5.43 million
  • current liabilities: $2.6 million
  • revenues: $907 thousand
  • net loss: $3.48 million


Comparing these numbers to the ones contained in the company’s report for the fiscal 2014 we see that very little has changed. In fact, the revenues have even slightly dropped, but GNUS has somehow managed to increase the gross profit by cutting on cost of sales.


This, alongside a rather optimistic press release from yesterday managed to provide for a 32.11% upward gain and we saw GNUS close at $1.30. The volume was significantly higher than the 30 day average and the 166 thousand shares that changed their owners generated $206 thousand in daily trade value.


GNUS seems eager to climb in today’s session as wee, but it has already reached the market cap from which it began to fall the last time we wrote about. Doing your due diligence and weighing out the risks before putting any money on the line is absolutely crucial.

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