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Predictive Technology Group Inc. (OTCMKTS:PRED)'s Pump Turns Bad

by Dragni Dragnev June 6, 2016

Predictive Technology Group Inc. (OTCMKTS:PRED, PRED message board) managed to climb in double digits for three consecutive days before turning red – but it seems like it will do so now.

DamnGoodPennyPicks and BeatPennyStocks managed to push PRED pretty far up the charts, in spite of being compensated with just $22 thousand. The pumpers made an effort to make PRED sound like the best thing since sliced bread in their touts – and for a while that worked – but as we all know, pump jumps tend not to last.

This is especially true when the financials of the company in question look as meager as these:

  • Cash and Cash Equivalents - $15 thousand
  • Total Assets - $327 thousand
  • Total Current Liabilities - $1.5 MILLION
  • Net Loss - $113 thousand

To its credit, none of PRED's liabilities seem to be in the form of convertible notes which could be turned into stock and used to flood the market, resulting in a crash. That's all well and good, but the filing still outlines the company as one of the most unimpressive entities on the OTC Markets, regardless of what the paid promoters claim.

And you know what's more than unimpressive, but downright horrifying? The fact that about 116 million out of PRED's current 123 million shares outstanding have been issued after February 2015.

Investors would to well to take that into consideration and act accordingly.

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