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STORM Token 4 months later - Does It Have any Potential ?

by Ana Sullivan March 13, 2018

The STORM Token is facing new kinds of challenges when it comes to 2018. The Storm blockchain, which started out as an idea to reduce unemployment by getting users to work online and get paid via its StorMarket, may not be out of the blue just yet. Several lockdowns have occurred since the coin was launched, in combination with the recent price drops may indicate that the coin could further decrease in value.


How Did StormX Perform Recently?


The STORM Token has seen quite the ups and downs especially following the recent events of the Bitcoin price crash. Storm (token STORM) started off the week by trading at 72.69 percent rise at 06:00 AM on the 12th of March. The gamified micro-task platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain technology, has the potential to provide service to over 4 billion people, hence lowering unemployment. However, the Storm team has announced on Twitter that they are still working on their product design and road maps, meaning that it is yet to be seen when the company goes fully functional.




The recent rise on the market of the STORM token may be linked to the sudden rise back in the beginning of this year. What followed was a hard fall of the value of the StormX’s cryptocurrency. As this cryptocurrency is still new and volatile, it is somehow doubtful whether the price will stay up or fall down. Even if it continues to rise rapidly, its value could all come crashing down at any moment, like it did on January 10th.


STORM Token’s Progress


Following the recent events of the lockdown of unsold 2 billion tokens, users have expressed concerns over Twitter and Cryptocompare in terms of the volatility of the investment and the support offered by the company.

The token, which was recently listed on Binance, has had problems with its sales website seizing to function around 6 months ago. Furthermore, Storm is sharing a similar idea with already established projects such as Fiverr, Taskrabbit, Upwork and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Will it be able to keep it up throughout this year? This remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, the goal of Storm is noble as it is aiming to minimize the charging fees set by competitive companies, which can even go as high as 30% of what is paid or earned.

In a nutshell, following recent token lockdowns, the company is facing some major challenges ahead, such as:


  • How to enter a market which has already been taken over by the competition?
  • How to manage their marketing campaigns in order to deal with possible competitions by other ERC20 tokens?
  • Which companies can it work with in a healthy partnership?
  • How to engage users into easily and user friendy experience in their interaction?
  • How to create a bug-free structure of their platform and make sure that the Token is secure


It is good to always be on the alert and follow latest development when it comes to STORM, since like other ICO’s it may just be a high volatility  investment.



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