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Populous Token - Is it Going Down After Recent LGC Pull Out

by Ana Sullivan March 13, 2018

Populous (PPT), the company which aims to establish a unique trading environment for investors, using Ethereum’s network and Smart Contracts may not be doing so well, following the recent pull out by Luxure Global Citizen, experts say.

The company, which proudly announced the £1 billion agreement back in 2017 has been discredited  by LGC themselves who claimed in a statement that they were approached by Populous World Ltd, but later then terminated the agreement in order to start their own “LGC-Coin”. So, despite the idea of populous and the security of their system, will the company be able to find more partners as everyone nowadays is striving to create their own ICOs, instead of using created ones and paying percentage to their vendors?

Populous Token – Recent Performance

The Populous Token has seen a big setback at the end of last month. However, most cryptocurrency were at their lowest point compared to the whole month. Populous (token PPT) is trading at 19.18 percent rise at 12:00 AM on the 13th of March. The Populous contract invoice discounting platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, has promised to provide a high speed, safe and low cost market for invoice buyers and sellers. The invoice matchmaking idea seems promising and needed, however, the Populous World Ltd. company has stated on their business plan that the project will come to fruition over a period of 7 years divided into 3 phases. That is a long period of time and might prove harder to bring the idea into realization than expected.

The recent rise on the market of the PPT token seems promising, but it may not stay or get much higher. Populous has seen major drawbacks last month, and has been falling in price ever since, until the 12th of March. As this cryptocurrency is new and have a lowered market capitalization since its highest point, it is uncertain how the currency will fair for the days to come. Even if it continues to rise a bit, it is still at a value almost twice as low as its all-time high of $30.


Populous Token – Progress

Populous token has dropped its market capitalization from over 2 and a half billion to just 700 million last month. A huge contribution to that drop certainly is that the Luxure Global Company (LGC) has withdrawn from their partnership with Populous. And as LGC is a luxurious rewards platform agreed to be partners with Populous in November 2017 and backed off in February, 2018, this was a drawback for Populous. That hasn’t demotivated Populous as they have launched a second version of their Beta.

Another bold, but promising move from Populous World Ltd. is the reveal of their plans for renovating the modernist Seattle stadium. That is showing progress in an upward direction, but Populous has to hold their promise to prove they can be trusted.

In addition to the recent events, concerning Populous, the company may also face some important challenges in the future as well:

  • If their token sales will increase in the future.
  • If their idea will actually be applicable and if it’s more unique than the same.
  • If their daily trade volume will increase or decrease in average.
  • If the company will be listed on big exchanges following the recent Binance listing.

Judging by the challenges which Populous face, they will have quite the work to do in the future, and the potential for development of this company may be big and hidden as many in Cryptocompare believe.



This cryptocurrency is aiming to replace a key problem for companies, but they do need to be careful because of situations, like the LGC deal announcement, which turn out to be termination of the relations. This is why, they really need to focus on building a strategic relationship which is focused more on cooperation and do it yourself level instead of Joint Ventures and partnerships which can allow them to reveal knowledge to b2b partners that could eliminate them as middle men. Overall and all, the future of Populous is unclear, but if you are into this token, we advise you to track the company’s latest developments and price fluctuations as well as make research based on the event-price influence in order to decide for yourself as this is not an investment advice in any way.




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