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RHOC Token - Is It Going to Prosper?

by Ana Sullivan March 13, 2018

RChain is a relatively new blockchain platform, and its token is known as RHOC. The token itself was launched in the beginning of October, 2017, and it appears to have been struggling to pass the value of $2 since the end of February, 2018. Created by mathematician Greg Meredish who is also a software engineer, the purpose of RChain is to become a blockchain solution with industrial scale-utility, as explained on its website.


RHOC Token – Current Market State

Being released half a year ago, currently RHOC token has a circulating supply of 359,455,887 units of total 870,663,574. However, the token is still mistrusted by Binance and Bittrex which are known to be among the most reputable platforms for cryptocurrency exchanges. And here comes the question is RChain as trustworthy as most of the other top 100 market cap coins?

At this point the price of a single RHOC token equals to $1.2970. Apparently, during the last 24-hour period the token trades lower against the market prices of the U.S. dollar, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. At press time, RHOC is down 9.41%, in 24 hours, trading at $1.29 a coin.  

Like most of the existing tokens, the total market share and the price of RHOC is greatly influenced by those of the Bitcoin. The proof for that is the very moment when RHOC approached its lowest market value. It happened in February the 6th – the time considered to be the greatest collapse of the Bitcoin as well.


RChain Platform – Background

RChain is definitely a very complex project that devours a lot of endeavor, knowledge and insight. It is intriguing to mention that the original team members of the RChain project had differences in their outlooks. Currently, Greg Meredish is the one in charge of the project.

The purpose of the platform is to administer content delivery “at the scale of Facebook” and also to “support transactions at the speed of Visa.” Considering what RChain’s aspiration is, it appears that the platform has a lot of work to do to reach its ultimate goal.

The progress of the platform may be regarded as somehow unsettled as it is a new project, and a demanding one indeed. For instance, if a user wants to have a glimpse at the roadmap of RChain, they won’t be able to as the developers are still working on it.

Currently the token is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges ChaoEX, EtherDelta and Kucoin. However, it is not listed on Binance and Bittrex, and some users have been confused over this fact. Why is the RHOC token not listen on Binance and Bittrex? A good question to be asked is whether the token is reliable enough to be listed on these prominent cryptocurrency exchanges.

One reason for RHOC not to be listed on Bittrex is that the exchange platform is known to be delisting tokens that stem from unfinished networks.

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