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Cindicator (CND) Values Pumped to $ 0.09, Token Fails to Achieve Real Growth

by Ana Sullivan April 13, 2018



The Cindicator (CND) token has recently been pumped to $0.09 following non-impressive market performance. The released tokens so far provide access to the proposed hybrid intelligence infrastructure.

Cindicator (CND) Concept

The CND token is made by the Cindicator company that is working on a solution that makes analyses for financial investments. The made forecasts use machine intelligence algorithms thus providing a hybrid approach that is made available for the users. At the moment the company has released several components that are part of the overall platform: collective intelligence platform (Cindicator app for Android and iOS), trading signals, API for hedge funds, price-related signals, probabilistic signals, and arbitrage bots.

Due to the fact that the project does offer an AI-driven platformthere seems to be a lack of stable growth. This is probably due to the fact that US citizens are not able to buy CND tokens due to legal reasons.

Cindicator (CND) Issues

One of the biggest issues that prohibit the token's growth is the fact that many potential investors appear to not trust hybrid intelligence system. There is certain doubt that the algorithms and machine learning tools that are developed by the company. Our previous analysis shows that based on the users expectations an eventual failure could affect negatively the price of CND respectively its total market capitalization.

A recent issue reported in the community forums shows that some beta users are concerned about their privacy and security protection. During the installation of the mobile app access is required to the call information. The launched bot has not been found unusable. Many community users feel that the current version of the financial bot displays results that are not accurate. As a result many users have dropped their support and moved their assets to other similar projects.

The market research shows that the price increases over time are guided mainly by pump and dump schemes that are relatively short-term. The overall impression is that at this point the Cindicator token has failed to become an asset that is recommended for serious investments. At the moment there are other competitors that attempt to lure in potential investors:

Augur — Decentralized Prediction Market Platform

Numenaire — AI-run crowd sourced hedge fund

Gnosis — Decentralized prediction market platform

Stox — Decentralized prediction market platform


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