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Ethereum (ETH Token) Price for 2018 – Over $1500 In May?

by Ana Sullivan April 19, 2018

Ethereum has released one of the highly anticipated projects in the perfect moment – Golem. It is a tool which promises to make money while borrowing users’ excess CPU power from their computers and reward them for doing so. Three years in development and the project has went live and has also raised approximately $340 million up until this point. And not only this, but the token has also been regarded by forecasting experts to rise very soon, because of It’s monopolistic position and the genius Vitalik Buterin, running the project. One thing is for sure – Ethereum with it’s smart contracts is here to stay – but will it rise above the $1500 mark sooner than we hope?


ETH Token Right Now

The past week has been very exciting for Ethereum, especially considering that the token has been moving lately on the sub $400 level since it’s increase to an all time high of 1,389 USD in a massive 24h volume of 4 940 690 000 USD. The  token has been sharply declining since then and it went to a lowest point this year of around $380 against the US dollar. This followed a price increase all the way up to it’s current price of $544.35 USD, with a 2 082 990 000 USD daily volume, which is the half of the 24 hour volume it reached when it reach it’s all-time high and based in this crooked logic, Ethereum is likely to even rise to a higher price soon. And while this is quite the opportunity to invest, there is also a risk of the overall marked suddenly seeing a massive dump following whales pulling out their profits. Either way, Ethereum is still a very interesting crypto to mine, to build upon and to invest in.



Ethereum (ETH) – Overall Performance and Technology


If you have heard of cryptocurrencies, there is a big chance that you have heard of the number 2 player out there – Ethereum. With the mastermind and brain behind it – Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum has already become a strong player with it’s Smart Contracts as a key core competence of it’s blockchain. They enable a lot of ideas to be implemented to the real world, like we have seen with many third-party tokens using it’s ERC-20 structure to build upon it and create newer generations blockchains with insane transfer times and openness and control.

Nonetheless, Ethereum has kept evolving over being decentralized and open. The purpose of this cryptocurrency is to run these smart contracts. And in turn, their purpose remains to be to refrain from downtime, censorship, fraud and third-party interference, like scammers, for example. And with this idea and the blockchain element in it, many publishers have begun to build their ideas on it, slowly transforming the blockchain world.

Overall and all, when you include geniuses from the caliber of Vitalik Buterin behind this project and a community as strong as Ethereum’s, this surely amounts for a recipe, guaranteeing success. And these killer apps make it somewhat the cryptocurrency of cryptocurrencies at the moment.

When we include the many successful tokens launching as a result of Ethereum’s success, the token has made sure that it’s position as a leader has been sealed and is solid. But judging by the fact that it wasn’t  insured against the massive dump which impacted it back in January 2018, we have to ask ourselves one question – is Ethereum going to stay in the shadow of BitCoin, or is it destined for something bigger? With cryptocurrencies, you never know and this is why experts do recommend to be careful when you invest and always do your homework before going in.

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