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IOTA (IOT Token) – Will It’s Fujitsu Deal Boost Price?

by Ana Sullivan April 20, 2018

The IOTA token, which is oriented towards the internet of things has announced a mutual event demonstrating  “Next Gen Blockchain” at Hannover Messe Trade fair. This news have broken out several hours ago and they reveal that the team behind the IOTA was working hard to fully develop their open-source distributed ledger protocol. But will this be enough for boosting IOTA’s price to something insane out of sci-fi movies?


IOT Token At The Moment

For the past 24 hours IOTA traded at $1.91 against the US dollar with a 12,87% price increase from $1.68. The 24 hour volume during that period at the moment is almost 100 million USD and it is basically nothing compared to the 1 153 460 000 USD which IOTA achieved during it’s all-time high of $5,31. But when we take the optimistic philosophical approach and take a look at the uptrend IOTA has been enjoying during the last 7 days, when it’s lowest moments were on the $1,30 line, this might as well be a god sign of an upcoming price increase.

IOTA – Purpose and Performance


IOTA is basically a distributed ledger protocol which aims to be opne-source and go beyond blockchain. It’s core invention of the blockless “Tangle” technology does just that and we are likely to see more about that on the Fujitsu’s upcoming IOTA presentation. To simply explain it, Tangle represents a quantum-proof directed Acyclic Graph, without any type of fees on transactions or lack of fixed limit of transactions carried out peer second on it’s network. This results in the transaction data going in conjunction with direct activity on the network. It is not easy to explain the tech behind it but basically it is guided by the principle “the more activity on the network, the faster the network goes”.  And when we remove the standard blockchain architecture, the IOTA crypto lacks the separation between users and validators, which is also a common issue in the crypto world.


This type of tech is perfect to also support IOTA’s primary purpose for which the project was designed – providing the backbone of the ever-increasing in popularity Internet of Things. But will it be enough to propel IOTA and it’s token all the way to new all-time highs we are yet to see. Either way, we always advise our readers to focus on reading thoroughly into crypto, such as IOTA, if they plan to invest In it. And in addition to this, never invest more than you can afford to lose, because this can play you a very dangerous trick, since with cryptocurrencies,  you never know.


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