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EOS Token for 2018 – Will It Keep Leading The Market Resurrection?

by Ana Sullivan April 24, 2018

The cryptocurrency market has slowly been recovering in massive market cap increase and there has been none other to lead the rest than EOS among the tokens, which is the most popular player in this field at the moment. And the reasons behind it is not “just because” either – the tokens use the ERC-20 smart contracts in a mission to create the most powerful infrastructure for dapps (decentralized applications), which perfectly fits it’s profile. But will EOS remain as scalable, flexible and usable as it’s reported by experts to be now and will it be the next big thing in crypto?


EOS Token’s Current Price Analysis


When we take a closer look at how EOS has been performing, based on the Candle Stick graph, it immediately becomes evident that the investment surplus is “strong with this one”. Main reasons for that may be the increased interest in Tokens and ICO’s since January of 2018 after BitCoin showed what it can do and slowly started to decline. This pushed a lot of programmers to begin concentrating more on the technology and it’s potential than making money. And the potential of EOS does not require a lot of marketing to prove worthy indeed. The token has been running a bullish trend since it’s price spike on early April, the 24th. The price has remained high since then and has been forming what appears to be a mini hanging man for the past several hours.

But, when we zoom out of this picture and take a look at how EOS has been performing for the past month, it immediately becomes evident that EOS was an investment which was hard to pass on back in the 13th of April, 2018, when the volume got to 1 477 850 000 USD. And the volume at the moment is with around 400 million USD higher than that, which does hint of a further price increase as a result of an overall bullish trend in a market recovery process.

EOS Token’s Price Spike Results in A Massive Price Increases among All Tokens


The price spike of EOS and several other tokens, like XVG and ONT, do speak a lot about what resulted in the crypto world, when it’s marketcap reached above the $300 billion mark. And EOS among those has seen massive jumps in price and it proved right the beliefs that it’s price will go above the 10$ mark. And it all started out as the price of EOS spiked around the April 11th a bit above $9, according to BitFinex and has been going upwards to it's current level of $13,55. The developers then made the move to announce the airdrop of eosDAC to token holders in order to make it an attractive opportunity to make some free money via airdrops. This was done in the right time, when the token has seen a lot of investments, resulting in several minor pullbacks which happened for a very short time.



Will EOS Become The Next Big Thing and Will We See More Surprises?


If you are into EOS and believe in the technology, we are convinced that one way or the other, interesting times are coming for you in 2018, so be advised not to trust what the crowds believe and always put money than what you can afford to lose if you are an investor.





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