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Stellar Lumens (XLM) in 2018 – Will Its Price Keep Spiking?

by Ana Sullivan April 26, 2018

Stellar Lumens is one of the top known networks for distributed payments and similar to what it’s logo hints, it’s price is going up, on the contrary to what is happening with crypto at the moment. While this is a really good sign that Stellar Lumens is already into the mainstream and is here to stay, some investors are concerned that competition with Ripple and newer generations crypto may make the process or “going to the moon” more difficult for Stellar. But is this really a cause for concerns and will Stellar continue it’s 2017 success which has been following this token ever since it has announced deal with IBM?


XLM Token Is Up 8% During a Decline Period - Is This Good?

The past 24 hours have been very interesting for Stellar Lumens. The CryptoCurrency has seen another 8,31% price increase and this does happen during an overall declining trend in price for all tokens. This may mean that there is an increased interest in XLM and the higher than average for the last few months volume of 157 277 000 USD does confirm that.

And when we zoom out of the picture and see how the last year has been for Stellar, one thing becomes clear – the Token saw quite the success in an staggering 1 423 530 000 USD when it’s price rose as a result of massive upward domino effect, that boosted it to almost a dollar.

So Stellar has definitely “got the pump” in it, and with the recent price increase, which begun with the start of April, the XLM token may show us that the spring of 2018 may be a profitable season for this token.

Stellar Lumens – Latest News and Developments

It has been a good month for altcoins that have been recovering at a fast pace. One of those altcoins is Stellar Lumens which has been regarded as the “people” crypto, because unlike it’s main rival, Ripple, Stellar Lumens is focused not only on b2b contracts with banks and businesses but also aims to put it’s tokens to actual use and enable people to transfer funds between each other as well, without any third-party having to control those funds, which is really decent, because the technology of Stellar allows this to happen due to the low rates at which it allows token transfers to occur. And all of this is available at a high speed network, faster than the one offered by Ripple – really remarkable, considering that Stellar is Ripple’s “younger brother”.

The recent price increases of the XLM token and the bullish trend it has been forming up may be as a result of several companies, among which the Novatii group who have integrated XLM in their network and services. Another factor for that may be the recent increase in trading volumes, according to CoinMarketCap. And given that this “up” trend has been occurring for a month now, the XLM token may have finally gotten away from the slowly choking decline in price which has been occurring to it since January, 2018.

And while Stellar Lumens has everything – popularity, community, performance, low fees, and tokens in circulation among people, not one company, it is good to always follow it’s latest developments if you are planning to invest in it. Because, while a major uptrend may be taking place, several pull-backs should not be disregarded at all. This is why, do not rely on what the crowd thinks and always follow the latest events and movements when it comes to XLM and Stellar Lumens. And never invest more than what you can afford to lose.





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