Ana Sullivan (DOCK) At $0.15, Fails To Grow and Stabilize

by Ana Sullivan May 14, 2018



The (DOCK) token has so far not been able to grow to a mature level. Right now a single token trades for $0.15 which is significantly lower than other similar projects. (DOCK) Overview

The (DOCK) blockchain project aims to create a single user profile information platform. The general idea of the team behind is the fact that many of the popular Internet services host user data without providing the ability to create a single page that contains all of their information. An important standpoint is the fact that Internet services that utilize the technology set up by allow user content to be automatically transferred between compatible apps and services.

Another issue that the blockchain platform aims to fix is the removal of complicated sign up forms. By constructing a single platform users will not have to sing up up for different services in order to access their data. The data is secured on the blockchain decentralized protocol that is based on Ethereum. The associated DOCK token is the entity that is used to facilitate the new proposals and oversee data transfer. The blockchain is advertised as being useful mainly for HR and education purposes. (DOCK) Issues & Predictions

The protocol is not yet complete and this means that the technology cannot be deployed to prospective users. At the moment the only working asset is the trade of the DOCK token on various exchanges. When it is done the granular controls will be able to choose what kind of data can be transferred over.

The main issue with the platform is that it is wholly dependent on the various platforms to adopt the technology. It cannot be used standalone and the decision for its use remains in the hands of the Internet services providers. This in turn means that the adoption will be dependent on the reputation of the system.

One of the serious issues that are being experienced by adopters is the fundamental problem with the account records. Once the users transfer over any information assets to the blockchain it will become integral part of it and cannot be removed. As such sensitive information can be hijacked or abused if any potential vulnerabilities are identified in the software.

To this point seems to be primarily on HR services and job seeking platforms. This narrow focus seems to be inhibiting DOCK's chance of growth.

So far the market analysis reveals that there has been a clear lack of real growth. Due to the unfinished service and the lack of real-world potential by popular services at this point investors shy away from it.


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