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Cortex Token(CTXC) Value is Now $1.61, Current Price Predictions

by Ana Sullivan May 16, 2018



The value of the Cortex TOKEN (CTXC) trades for $1.61 which signals that there is a small decline in its performance. This article explores some of the issues that hinder its growth and showcases the current price predictions.

Cortex Token(CTXC) Overview

The Cortex token (CTXC) is a blockchain project that attempts to provide a robust platform for smart contracts. One of the most important functions is its built-in mechanisms that rely on machine learning and AI algorithms. The main goal of the developers is to allow the platform to grow and support the submission of AI DAppsArtificial Intelligence Decentralized Applications.

The Smart AI Contracts allow the users to write their own machine-learning programs and submit them to the blockchain. The interactions are made dependent upon the inferred smart contracts. The platform has its own Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM) which is fully EVM compatible.

Cortex Token(CTXC) Issues & Price Predictions

One of the most peculiar things about Cortex is the fact that it can be used as an autonomous AI self-governed system. The main criticism against it is the fact that it is open only to qualified private investors. This means that the only communication channel for token sales are the team's email address. Based on their decisions some prospective buyers can be prevented from getting the token assets and access to the platforms. Effectively this means that the tokens can easily be manipulated as there is a closed system that allows access only to selected individuals. Such actions are speculative at the very least and this decision may be interpreted as a type of scam.

We have reviewed the community reactions of Cortex's development in order to analyze how potential users and current holders view the token's development. So far the main issue seems to be the lack of active development and actual delivery of working code.

The blockchain project seems to be focusing on a very serious task without having enough energy in order to solve the issues. It is far from being ready and the team behind it. If the team continues with this development plan then it will be highly unlikely that effective partnerships can be made.

Given the stagnant market performance it appears that the only significant value rises are caused by marketing hype.


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