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Zebi (ZCO Token) Market Capitalization Is $73,085,716 USD

by Ana Sullivan May 16, 2018

Zebi (ZCO token) is an Indian-based project that is aimed at providing Blockchain based offerings to governments and enterprises to leverage and protect their high value and sensitive data. Recognizing the need and opportunity to enable with technology the enforcement of data protection regulations, Zebi has created a Blockchain-driven, unique and holistic solution to make valuable and sensitive data readily available for legitimate use, the whitepaper says.

ZCO Token Market Performance


A single ZCO token can be purchased for $0.158315 USD on cryptocurrency exchanges IDEX, Qryptos, Koinex, and DDEX. The token has been trading 9.83% lower than the USD. The token’s market capitalization is $73,085,716 USD, with a circulating supply of 461,647,448 ZCO and a total supply of 500,000,000 ZCO.

Zebi Adopted by the Hospitality Industry

Zebi recently announced that the hospitality industry is about to implement the blockchain-based artificial intelligence solutions. The company reportedly has over 200 hospitality entities using its solutions.

According to Babu Munagala, founder and CEO, Zebi, "some of the top notch hospitality brands in Vizag such as Novotel, The Park, Taj Gateway, Ginger are use Zebi AI Chain, not only to protect their guest data, but also to help law enforcement officials in proactive identification and prevention of criminal activities".

He further explained that when visitors enter the particular hotel, they can check in within seconds using their Zebi ID card. If visitors don’t have a Zebi card, they can provide a picture and photo ID, thus creating a Zebi ID, which is stored on the Zebi Blockchain.

The guests no longer have to leave printed photo copies of their id cards or mobile number with the hotel because their Zebi IDs are on the Blockchain. This mitigates the risk of the guest data being misused by hotel or other enterprises,” Zebi’s CEO clarified.

More about Zebi

Zebi solution ecosystem consists of two interconnected proprietary components - Zebi Chain and Zebi Data Gateway. The idea is to bring Individuals, data providers and data requestors on a common platform to enable secure, seamless and consent based exchange of information among them, as explained on their website.

What is Zebi Chain?

It is described as “a proprietary light weight satellite application installed at various data providers’ premises to provide immutability using Blockchain based ledger”. The number of nodes in the private blockchain is configurable and integrates with Ethereum public Blockchain which guarantees tamperproof protection.

What is Zebi Data Gateway?

This component should connect Zebi Chain installations and on-board individuals and data requestors with a simple registration process. Zebi Data Gateway can utilize instant data exchange through DaaS APIs by connecting to Zebi Chain instances and taking individual consent wherever appropriate.



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