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CRYPTO20 (C20 Token) - Will You Invest?

by Ana Sullivan May 25, 2018

CRYPTO20 (C20 token) reveals a new investment paradigm, as it is a crypto index fund that will use the ICO funding to buy the underlying crypto assets. The platform has no broker fees, no exit fees, no minimum investment and full control over your assets, offering full blockchain transparency, their website explain.

In other words, the company gives investors a practical, low-cost method to efficiently track the general return of the increasing digital asset market.

From the whitepaper:

"CRYPTO20 is an autonomous cryptocurrency-only portfolio composed by utilizing an index strategy. The token sale funding will be used to buy the underlying cryptocurrency assets and CRYPTO20 will hold the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. CRYPTO20 cuts out the middleman, the platform, and is thus able to offer significantly lower fees. Index funds have consistently beaten the average managed fund since their inception."

It should be noted that CRYPTO20 is not a platform but a fully functioning product. Its token value isn’t based on speculation but on the product benefits and net asset value of the 20 underlying cryptocurrencies.

C20 Token Market Performance


Currently, a single C20 token can be purchased for $1.41 USD on the following cryptocurrency exchanges – Bibox, HItBTC, and IDEX. The token has been trading 7.33% higher than the USD. Its market capitalization is $56,154,949 USD, with a circulating supply of 39,690,806 C20 and a total supply of 40,656,082 C20. The token’s value has been decreasing compared to its all-time-high value of approximately $4.00 USD registered in January, 2018. The value has been going slightly up and down during the past seven weeks.

More about the C20 Token

C20 token are directly tied to the underlying assets with a novel liquidation option that can be exploited via the smart contract. This is needed to ensure the greatest lower bound on the market value of all tokens, as explained in the whitepaper.

If you are willing to invest in C20, note that the token holders have two options to receive payment when disposing of a C20 token: sell the token on an exchange, or use C20’s built-in liquidation option. To explain further, C20 has a built-in smart contract liquidation function that enables investors to withdraw Ethereum based on their share of the fund’s underlying assets. There’s no authorization or waiting time needed to liquidate tokens in this manner, explains CoinCentral.

As of February 14th, 2018, the following currencies are included in CRYPTO20’s portfolio:

Ripple- 9.8%

Bitcoin- 9.6%

Ethereum- 9.6%

Bitcoin Cash- 9.5%

Litecoin- 9.1%

Cardano- 7.7%

Stellar- 6.1%

Neo – 5.9%

EOS – 4.7%

Iota- 4.1%

Dash- 3.9%

NEM- 3.6%

Monero- 3.1%

Lisk- 2.6%

Ethereum Classic- 2.4%

Tron- 2.1%

Qtum- 1.8%

VeChain- 1.7%

Bitcoin Gold- 1.5%

Populous- 1.2%


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