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After a Rise of 2.91% ARK Price Stays on Its Average Level

by Ana Sullivan May 25, 2018




ARK Token – Recent Performance

On the 25th of May one ARK coin has been detected to trade 2.91% higher against the US dollar. The uptrend resulted in a market value of $2.46 USD and $1,395,130 24h trade volume.Apparently, since March 2017 ARK token price has been moving around its current level, as found on the chart presented by CoinMarketCap:



This price level is likely to keep this level since more of the events listed in their roadmap are completed. While some claim these developments are too slow the token will supposedly be able to generate profits for the investors who believe in the power of the project in long term.

Along with the news of the rising value, today Ark has announced that their token ARK is listed for direct exchange on Changelly. ARK could be purchased on several other exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, Bit-Z, Upbit, OKEx, Cryptopia,, COSS, Livecoin, Abucoins, and Cryptomate.

Ark Project – Main Details

Ark a cryptocurrency and an ecosystem meant for cryptocurrency mass adoption. The platform of ARK is based on reliable blockchain and key decentralized technologies are integrated in it. With ARK platform anyone regardless of his/her technical skills and understanding of the underlying technology is able to create own chain for desired purposes.

What’s more ARK network allows one of the fastest transactions in the industry. To support the speed of the transactions ARK uses custom built SmartBridge functionality that is designed to turn aside non-essential functions to hundreds of side-chains.

However, despite its amazing tech its market growth rate has been relatively slow compared to competition. This may be a consequence of the small number of followers it has. And until this issue remains unresolved ARK market position and value are likely to remain on the same level.

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