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IOStoken (IOST) in 2018 – What Is It and Will It Keep Rising

by Ana Sullivan May 28, 2018

The IOStoken has seen a tremendous success so far and it’s also known as IOST. The IOST token first launched in mid-January is aimed at becoming interesting, despite the fact that it’s idea which is focused at the IoS  (Internet of Services) is not exacty new in the blockchain world. But the IoS trend is becoming more and more talked about which does mean that this token is aimed at something that may ave a tremendous potential to grow.


How Does IOStoken Work?

When we talk about Internet of Services, it represents digital environment where virtual assets can be exchanged for absolutely anything on the market, concerning value, especially services. IOStoken aims to support that by creating the tokens that promote ddigital marketing and encourage developments within the business and economy to become secure and straightforward by using blockchain.

And while IOS token is promoting the Internet of Services which is basically the “little child” of IoT (Internet of Things), the IoT sphere itself has already seen some quite successful projects and has already become mainstream. This does hint very important thing for investors and contributors alike and this hint is that a potentially massive future IoS market plus a platform which is entirely digital and will host various types of products on it, may be the perfect recipe for success. But will this happen we are yet to see, because the  IOST token team have a lot of work ahead of them.

IOST Token – Recent Performance

The IOST token's price started the day off contrary to where most token prices are going with a 2.66% price increase for the last 24 hours. In addition to this, the IOST token also remains stable, considering it’s high supply. The interest in the token is also high when we compare it to it’s average – at the time of writing this is a bit over 51 million USD. When we take a look at the past month however, the token had over 165 million USD invested for it’s last 24 hours during the beginning of May, 2018.


This may mean that the IOStoken’s price is going towards stabilizing at the $0.03 if something does not happen, like major news or announcements, which will happen a lot to this token, since it’s at early stages of being live, so be on the alert if you are an investor in it and never invest more than what you can afford to lose.

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