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Paypex (PAYX Token) After 180% Rise – Is It Credible?

by Ana Sullivan June 5, 2018

PayPex token has just achieved a market cap of a total of $112.33 million US dollars, almost twice than it was back in the beginning of April. And not only this, but in a stunning 179,02% rise in price to 1.64 USD. The Paypex project is gunning on becoming an actual method via which online transactions can be conducted. The platform features many innovations, which end up in creating the final product – a wallet. Such wallet is being created to handle cryptocurrency and online payment transactions better than the traditional methods it has been done. But will it succeed?


The Paypex team has set up detailed information on their website( , which does include the timeline of activities of the token  plus the goal to launch a business to business marketplace, naturally powered by their wallet.


PAYX Token Price At The Moment


The PAYX token has reached a stunning $1.64 USD in an almost 180% rise in price for the last 24 hours. Considering that the token started the day off at a $0.589791 which rose sharply after the investment for the last day was 4.261 USD in total, this is insane. And the reasons why it’s insane is no other than the low circulating supply of the token of only 68 428 768 tokens out there in circulation, which means that if investments in Paypex continue and bulls come into play, the price may rise much more - impressive for a token that went live during mid-November, 2017 at a price of 0,470108 against the U.S. dollar.



Paypex – Purpose and Mission


The Paypex team aims to make their project start as a wallet, but continue developing in the types of “whitelabel products”. And what is more is that they promise to make this a reality by the end of the third-quarter.


Paypex is the type of platform which enables ERC-20 payment systems via smart contract usage. This means that they use this tec to make a next-gen system for online transactions, similar to what PayPal is. But what differs Paypex in this case is to become the next-gen payment systme which aims to improve this technology by making it faster. One of the micro-solution towards this more advanced products is the protection of revenues and the lower transfer costs than services, such as SEPA. Overall and all, this is a good idea, however, be advised that there already have been tokens and blockchains with ideas such as this, as we have explained before.

So, while Paypex aims to deliver by the end of this year and people seem interested in it, it is also a fact that crypto is still in it’s early stages in terms of overall developments, meaning that it is still a highly volatile environment and you should not invest more that what you can afford to lose.



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