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GVT Price is 15.90% Up Few Hours Before the Official Genesis Markets Release

by Ana Sullivan June 6, 2018




GVT Token – Recent Performance

GVT token price is currently $17.24 which is 15.90% higher against the US dollar. The increase of its price against the BTC is 12.62% and against the ETH - 11.88%. These changes led to market capitalization of $64,246,349 and 24h volume of $11,228,400.





This current rise is most likely associated with the upcoming official Genesis Markets release that is planned to happen tomorrow on June 7th. As the event increases investors’ interest in GVT, its market value is likely to keep the uptrend during the forthcoming days.

However, there is great uncertainty what direction GVT token will take once the hype around this event is over.

Genesis Vision (GVT) – More about the Project

Genesis Vision is a decentralized platform built on blockchain technology that aims to unite exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into an open and fair network. By utilizing the features of blockchain technology the platform will be able to provide a completely transparent lending between professional traders and investors.

The planned release of their Genesis Markets affects positively the overall market performance of Genesis Vision and the associated GVT token. Genesis Markets is intended to make all crypto instruments accessible within a single brokerage. The technology behind Genesis Markets will broke migration barriers between different exchanges and eliminates the tricky part of moving crypto assets from one exchange to another. It will aggregate information about the market and order books from multiple crypto exchanges to provide access to all available orders that are present on the market. With this it could increase significantly the liquidity of different crypto assets.

With Genesis Market users will be able to acquire a desired coin for the best market price currently available on the whole cryptocurrency market.

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