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Tokenomy (TEN) Listed in CoinBene. Its Market Value Revives

by Ana Sullivan June 8, 2018




TEN Token – Recent Market Performance

Today on June 8th Tokenomy (TEN) is spotted to reach a market value of $0.360168. With this value TEN traded 19.34% higher against the US dollar as pointed out in CoinMarketCap.




The token was happy to register an increase against the BTC and ETH as well. Respectively with 21.22% and 21.72%. With this market value and circulating supply of 125,000,000 the market capitalization of Tokenomy (TEN) reached a value of $45,021,000.

The witnessed increase in value is probably related to the announced listing of TEN token in CoinBene exchange. And if so it is likely that its price will soon drop to its average price which moves around $0.30.

Tokenomy (TEN) Project – Main Points

Tokenomy is a blockchain based platform that allows anyone to create tokens, hold token sales on the platform and list the created tokens on the exchange. With its help both individuals and corporations even technically inexperienced ones could generate, distribute and exchange self-made tokens. Tokenomy also provides a marketplace for other valuable tokens to be listed and traded on the crypto-only exchange.

As stated in Tokenomy’s whitepaper the main goal of the project is:

Our goal is to become a global token platform (“Tokenomy Platform”) with hundreds of tokens listed on our exchange, alongside additional features that can help anyone, from small entrepreneurs, merchants, and retailers to large enterprise businesses and developers, issue their own tokens to conduct fair and reliable crowdfunding.

It is an ambitious purpose as in order to realize it Tokenomy will have to conquer some well-established projects with strong communities and a solid trust in their success.

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