Kaloyan Gadzhev

Anything Technologies Media Inc. (PINK:EXMT) Holds Price on Dwindling Volume

by Kaloyan Gadzhev June 1, 2011

The PR from May 24 proclaimed EXMT has entered the streaming/download market. It went on to say the company could now compete with companies like Apple, Sony, Netflix etc.

A very bold statement, considering the size of the mentioned "competitors". On the other hand, no one said they would compete successfully.

The latest quarterly shows EXMT had some liquidity difficulties. This doesn't mean there is no chance the company will manage to get some profits for shareholders, it's just questionable at this moment.

EXMT_logo.jpgSo is the effect of the newsletter on the market. The campaign has expired, the compensation is in shares and the mail doesn't say anything new about EXMT. It still has some potential to get more attention to the stock, which could affect the price in more than one way.

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