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Company Description
  The Company is currently incorporated under the federal jurisdiction of Canada. The Company originally engaged in mineral exploration activities, but those activities ceased during 1999, leaving the Company as a public shell corporation traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. In March of 2000, the Company changed its name from Net Resources, Inc. to BakBone Software Incorporated and began a series of transactions resulting in its current corporate structure. The Company currently has three operating subsidiaries, BakBone Software, Inc., BakBone Software Ltd. and BakBone Software KK, and one non-operating subsidiary, BakBone Acquisition Corp. We are a global provider of data protection software that enables the effective backup and recovery of business critical data and information. Our NetVault product allows organizations to efficiently and cost-effectively protect data within heterogeneous storage environments. Our product is designed to be easy to install, use, maintain and support, while providing our end-users with what we believe is a substantially lower total cost of ownership than competitive products. We have also designed our product to be modular and to work within an open standards environment, allowing NetVault to integrate easily with our end-users’ information technology infrastructure and evolve with our end-users’ needs. We believe that NetVault is well positioned to satisfy the needs of organizations seeking an affordable data protection solution. We market and sell NetVault through an indirect global sales channel comprised of approximately 200 storage-focused resellers, distributors and original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs. We have developed OEM relationships with companies such as NCR Teradata, Network Appliance and Sony Electronics, each of which has integrated NetVault into certain product offerings. Our end-users consist of domestic and international businesses and organizations of all sizes and across numerous industries. We operate in three primary regions: North America; the Pacific Rim; and Europe, Middle East, and Africa, or EMEA. Our business strategy is to gain significant market share in the data protection software market through continued product innovation and sales channel expansion, while maintaining profitable growth. We intend to achieve this strategy by:     •   expanding our technology leadership in data protection;     •   enhancing our relationships with OEMs;     •   strengthening and growing our indirect distribution channels;     •   increasing our penetration of large organizations; and     •   ensuring the interoperability between our product and other information technology. Our common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “BKB” and on the over the counter bulletin board market in the United States under the symbol “BKBOF.” We operate and report using a fiscal year ending March 31. Our corporate headquarters is located at 10145 Pacific Heights Boulevard, Suite 500, San Diego, CA, 92121, and our telephone number is (858) 450-9009. Our Product Our product, NetVault, is data protection software that permits computer network administrators to maintain “backup” or duplicate copies of documents, data, images and records. NetVault also enables the recovery of this data if files are lost or corrupted in any way. NetVault utilizes a modular design to deliver maximum performance while supporting flexible implementation strategies. This modular design is composed of two key parts: our core product and application plug-in modules, or APMs. The core product contains key functionality that manages fundamental backup and recovery processes, contains auto discovery features and interfaces with specific operating systems. APMs attach to the core product to adapt it for backup and recovery within specific network architectures and with numerous applications and databases. NetVault further allows end-users to rapidly add and configure new servers, devices and clients, and controls them from a central location. Additionally, NetVault enables end-users to customize a combination of recovery methods that meet specific business needs. NetVault is designed to operate within a wide range of operating systems, applications, server platforms and storage systems—all with a common user interface. The key benefits of our product include:     •   Lower total cost of ownership: We believe NetVault provides end-users with a substantially lower total cost of ownership than competitive products. NetVault’s advanced architecture allows for quick and easy installation and on-going administration. NetVault typically requires little or no upfront or ongoing professional services to implement and configure due to auto discovery, self-configuration and self-installation features. NetVault’s modular design allows for faster adaptation within changing storage architectures and more rapid support of new applications, databases, devices and operating systems. This generally results in lower ongoing internal administration and support costs than competing products. These attributes provide scalability of our solution as an organization grows in size and its computing and storage environments evolve. We provide the option for end-users to download over the Internet fully functioning versions of NetVault, upgrades and application plug-in modules at the initial implementation and as their computing environments and data protection needs change. We believe no competing product offers an equivalent download option. As a result of these factors, we believe that we offer our end-users data protection at a more attractive price than competing solutions over the lifecycle of the product.     •   Strong support of network attached storage, or NAS: Our data protection solution allows backup and recovery to occur between and among multiple NAS and other storage hardware devices in a quick and cost-efficient manner. Our NetVault product has been designed to support and interoperate with the Network Data Management Protocol, or NDMP, which is the industry standard protocol for moving data within and among NAS devices. This allows us to deliver a higher level of support for the rapidly growing NAS architecture. We believe we are the only data protection vendor to support all five backup   implementations of NDMP in our product. Our in-depth understanding of NDMP has allowed NetVault to achieve unique NAS backup capabilities. We believe NetVault is the only data protection product that allows for the backup of NAS data from heterogeneous systems outside of NAS. Existing solutions allow for homogeneous NAS to NAS backup. Our solution allows for backup between and among NAS and other storage hardware devices, including both disk and tape systems. Due in part to our leadership in NAS architecture, Network Appliance has chosen to integrate our solution into their product lines as an OEM partner.     •   Extensive experience and capabilities in Linux: We support the rapidly growing Linux operating system in addition to Unix, Windows 2000/NT, NetWare, Mac OS and numerous other operating systems. As organizations increasingly utilize Linux for database and application deployment, there has also been an increase in the demand for Linux-based backup server platforms. In 1997 we began developing NetVault on the Linux operating system, as well as on the Windows 2000/NT and Unix operating systems. We believe that NetVault offers superior functionality and integration with applications and systems operating on Linux in comparison to data protection software solutions that were not developed using Linux. Solutions not developed using Linux have to be converted, or ported, to Linux, and often lose functionality in the process. Today, we support more than 35 Linux-based applications, including the 10 leading Linux distributions, which we believe is more than any other data protection software vendor.     •   Seamless backup and recovery for tape and disk: NetVault provides end-users the ability to backup to both disk and tape and incorporates a multi-tier backup and recovery strategy. When backing up to disk, NetVault creates a virtual tape library, with drives, slots and media on disk to take advantage of the random access nature of disk-based devices to improve the performance of existing backup and recovery processes. As the trend of backup to disk for near-term critical data has grown, the need to further safeguard this data through subsequent backup to tape has also increased. This strategy of disk to disk to tape backup provides for rapid recovery from disk of more critical data while allowing additional protection of this data through the use of tape. Unlike our competitors’ products, NetVault writes backup data identically to tape and disk. This allows NetVault to seamlessly recover this data directly from tape with limited disruption and at high levels of performance. Competing products require additional time for the staging process of recovered data from tape back to intermediary disk and then to the original disk device.     •   Flexible architecture capable of supporting evolving computing environments: NetVault is based on a modular architecture, which allows us to rapidly develop APMs for a variety of existing, as well as new and diverse computing environments. We have developed APMs to provide integration and interoperability with over 900 combinations of databases, applications and operating systems and their various versions and releases. Furthermore, our modular architecture enables us to easily and cost effectively develop new APMs, allowing us to more quickly respond to our end-users’ needs as computing environments evolve. As a result, we provide long-term and rapid support to our end-users as their computing environments and data protection needs evolve. End-Users Our sales and marketing strategy is focused on licensing our products and providing services to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations, as well as large enterprise environments through a combination of software, post-contract support and, to a lesser degree, professional services. We generally offer non-exclusive, perpetual software licenses through our channel partners to end-users and do not offer term-based software licenses. Maintenance contracts generally cover a period of one year, and after contract expiration, our customers have the right to purchase maintenance contract renewals, which generally cover a period of one year. Our product is used by end-user customers in a wide variety of industries, businesses, governments and applications. Our end-user customers include, among others, financial service providers, retailers, insurance companies, Internet service providers, law firms, real estate companies, educational institutions, science and biotech organizations, healthcare institutions, and domestic and international government agencies. Product Distribution We distribute our products to end-users primarily through a multi-tiered global network of resellers that include value added resellers and value added distributors. We have an extensive network of resellers and distributors in North America, the Pacific Rim and EMEA. Our partnerships with resellers and distributors allow our products to reach end-users that we would not otherwise have the resources to identify. The reseller and distributor partnerships are the primary means by which our products are distributed, and a majority of our revenue is derived from our relationships with these resellers and distributors. We continually seek to partner with the premier resellers and distributors available in our three geographic regions, and our strategy going forward is to expand and improve the quality of our reseller and distributor partnerships. In addition, we intend to add relationships with systems integrators. We have also focused on the development and growth of our major OEM relationships with NCR Teradata, Sony Electronics and Network Appliance. Members of our sales force work closely with our OEM partners to define and customize products, conduct on-site testing and provide engineering and field application engineering support. We derive, and believe we will continue to derive, a significant portion of our revenues from a limited number of customers. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2004, NCR Teradata accounted for approximately 12% of our consolidated revenues. We believe that our solutions significantly complement and expand the solutions provided by our OEMs. In addition to maintaining and expanding our existing OEM relationships, our strategy is to grow our business by adding new OEM partners. Research and Development Our industry is subject to rapid technological advancements, changes in customer requirements, developing industry standards and new product introductions and enhancements. As a result, our success depends, in part, on our ability to continue to improve our software solution in a cost-effective and timely manner to address emerging customer and market needs. Our core development division is in Poole, United Kingdom, and our APM development division is in San Diego, California. We also conduct development activities in Tokyo, Japan that are focused on adapting our software for use in the Pacific Rim region. Our research and development expenditures in fiscal 2002, 2003 and 2004 totaled $4.2 million, $5.0 million and $4.8 million, respectively. Research and development expenditures in fiscal 2002, 2003 and 2004 were primarily related to upgrading the existing NetVault core software and APMs, as well as to developing new APMs. We also incurred research and development expenditures related to MagnaVault through November of 2002, when we made the decision to “end of life” the product. We focus our current research and development efforts on new features and functionality for our NetVault product to address new market opportunities and to meet changing customer needs. These projects include the continued introduction of new APMs, improvements in the performance and functionality of NetVault, product adaptations to meet the needs of new hardware offerings entering the market and the integration of new technologies to address the evolving data protection marketplace. We anticipate that we will have significant future research and development expenses in order to continue to provide a high quality product that enables us to maintain and enhance our competitive position while increasing market share. Intellectual Property Our software products rely on our internally developed intellectual property and other proprietary rights. We rely primarily on a combination of copyright, trade secret laws, confidentiality procedures, contractual provisions and trademarks to protect our intellectual property and other proprietary rights. However, we believe that these measures afford only limited protection of our intellectual property and other proprietary rights. We license our software products primarily under shrink wrap licenses that are included as part of the product packaging. Shrink wrap licenses are not negotiated with or signed by individual customers, and purport to take effect upon the opening of the product package or use of the software license key. The legal enforceability of shrink wrap licenses is uncertain in many jurisdictions, including some of the foreign countries in which we sell our products. We also generally enter into confidentiality agreements with our employees and technical consultants. Despite our efforts to protect our proprietary rights, unauthorized parties may attempt to copy aspects of our products or obtain and use information that we regard as proprietary. Policing the unauthorized use of our products is difficult and we are unable to determine the extent to which piracy of our software products exists. In addition, the laws of some foreign countries, including those in which we sell our products, do not protect our proprietary rights as fully as do the laws of the United States. Competition We operate in a segment of the intensely competitive storage management software market. This market is characterized by rapidly changing technology and evolving standards. We have a number of competitors that vary in size and scope and breadth of products offered. Many of our competitors have greater financial resources than we do in the areas of sales, marketing, branding and product development, and we expect to face additional competition from these competitors in the future. Our current competitors include, but are not limited to, Veritas Software Corporation, EMC Corporation, IBM’s Tivoli division, Computer Associates and CommVault Systems, Inc. Some of these companies compete against us by offering a full suite of storage management tools, including software that addresses data protection. We also face competition from a number of smaller companies who, like us, focus solely or primarily on the data protection software market. Furthermore, our OEM partners, who do not currently compete with us, could decide to compete with us by offering their own data protection solutions that exclude our software, and other storage equipment vendors may enter our market either through acquisition of competing technologies or products, or through development of their own data protection software solutions. Although many of our competitors may have significantly more financial and technical resources than we do, we believe we compete favorably based on the technical strengths of our product offering relative to our competitors. Seasonality Historically our business results have been generally weakest in our first quarter, primarily due to the purchasing cycles exhibited by our customers. Our other three quarters have not shown any consistent performance trends relative to each other. Employees As of March 31, 2004, we had 175 employees, including 44 in research and development, 76 in sales and marketing, 24 in customer support, and 31 in general administration. None of our employees are represented by a labor union. We have not experienced any work stoppages and consider our relations with our employees to be good. Executive Officers Our executive officers and their ages as of March 31, 2004 are as follows: Keith G. Rickard, age 57, has served as our President, Chief Executive Officer since June 2001. Additionally, Mr. Rickard has served as a Director of BakBone since September 2001. Prior to joining BakBone, Mr. Rickard was president of Sterling Software’s storage management division from February 1997 to October 1999 where he was responsible for all aspects of Sterling’s storage management software product suite, including worldwide sales, marketing, engineering and business development. Prior to that, Mr. Rickard held various positions at Sterling Software from June 1980 to February 1997. Mr. Rickard holds a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of London. John Fitzgerald, age 33, has served as our Chief Financial Officer since January 2002. Prior to becoming our Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Fitzgerald served as our corporate controller from January 2001 to January 2002. Prior to joining BakBone, Mr. Fitzgerald consulted for high technology companies in the areas of SEC reporting, initial public offerings and strategic planning from April 1999 to January 2001. From January 1996 to April 1999, Mr. Fitzgerald worked for the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen. Mr. Fitzgerald holds a B.S. in Business Administration from San Diego State University. Fabrice Helliker, age 36, has served as our Vice President, Engineering since March 2000. Since 1992, Mr. Helliker has served in many capacities at BakBone, as well as its predecessor companies and has successfully led several of our NetVault development teams and re-architecture efforts. Mr. Helliker holds a B.S. with Honors in Computer Science from Brighton University, United Kingdom. Scott Petersen, age 48, has served as our Vice President, North American Sales since August 2002. Prior to joining BakBone, Mr. Petersen served as the Vice President of Sales at Actionpoint, Inc. (now known as Captiva Software Corporation), a publicly-held provider of data management software, from June 2000 to August 2002 where he was responsible for Actionpoint’s sales efforts. Prior to joining Actionpoint, Mr. Petersen served as the Vice President of Sales of the storage management division of Sterling Software, which was subsequently acquired by Computer Associates, from May 1995 to June 2000. Mr. Petersen holds a B.S. with an emphasis in Finance and Marketing from Old Dominion University. Patrick Clarke, age 39, has served as our Vice President, Europe, Middle East, Africa since February 2004. Prior to joining BakBone, Mr. Clarke was the Vice President, Europe, Middle East and Africa Operations for Overland Storage, a publicly held company providing data storage management solutions, from April 2001 to February 2004. Prior to joining Overland Storage, Mr. Clarke was the director of sales and a member of the board of directors of Asbis Enterprises, a supplier of computer components, from May 1999 to February 2001. Adrian Michael Jones, age 38, has served as our Senior Vice President, Worldwide Alliances and OEMs since February 2004. Prior to joining BakBone, Mr. Jones was employed at Quantum Corporation, a provider of data storage solutions, from November 1993 to February 2004, where he served in several capacities and most recently held the position of Vice President of Worldwide Sales. Mr. Jones holds a Electronics Engineering degree from Oxford College of Engineering, England. Howard Weiss, age 36, has served as our Managing Director, Asian Operations since October 2000. Prior to joining BakBone, Mr. Weiss served as a Director of Phoenix Technologies Japan, a global system-enabling solutions provider for PCs and servers from December 1992 to July 2000. Prior to joining Phoenix Technologies, Mr. Weiss was a sales manager at MCM Japan, a distributor of computer and network security equipment, from May 1990 to December 1992. Mr. Weiss is fluent in Japanese and holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan. Ken Hudak, age 46, has served as our Vice President, Customer Support since April 2004. Mr. Hudak joined the Company in August of 2001 as our director of US sales support. Mr. Hudak brings 25 years of experience and oversees all customer support for offices in San Diego and Poole, England. Prior to joining BakBone, Mr. Hudak was vice president of technical support and services at Orchestria Corporation in Sacramento. Additionally, Mr. Hudak has held director level positions in sales support at Action Point, Sterling Software, and Landmark Systems. Additional Information We provide our Annual Report on Form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, current reports on Form 8-K and all amendments to those reports free of charge under “Investor Relations” on our website at as soon as reasonably practicable after we electronically file this material with, or furnish this material to, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. The information contained on our website is not part of this Annual Report. You may also read and copy the documents to which we refer at the Public Reference Room maintained by the SEC at 450 Fifth Street, N.W., Room 1024, Washington, D.C. 20549 and at certain of the SEC’s regional offices at 7 World Trade Center, Suite 1300, New York, NY 10048 and Northwestern Atrium Center, 500 West Madison Street, Suite 1400, Chicago, IL 60661. In addition, the SEC maintains a web site that contains reports, proxy and information statements and other information regarding registrants that file electronically with the SEC at . The public may obtain information on the operation of the Public Reference Room by calling the SEC at 1-800-SEC-0330. We are required to file reports and other information with the securities commission in each of the provinces of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. You are invited to read and copy any reports, statements or other information, other than confidential filings, that we file with the provincial securities commissions. These filings are also electronically available from the Canadian System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) (, the Canadian equivalent of the SEC’s electronic document gathering and retrieval system, as well as on our website at under “Investor Relations”.  

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