Bravatek Solutions, Inc. (BVTK)

Company Overview

eCrypt Technologies Inc. develops and sells encryption software which secures the transmission of, storage of, and access to digital information. Software applications range from device based (for Personal Digital Assistants ("PDAs"), wireless handheld devices, laptop and desktop computers, pocket computers, cellular phones, smartphones, and other file storage devices), to server-based encryption software for email servers and for file-store server. In addition to information security software, the Company also offers IT Consulting and Managed Private Network Services.

The Company is a Colorado corporation, incorporated on April 19, 2007.

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As of 07:11AM EDT July 30, 2016
$ 0.0071   -0 (-28.28%)
Today's Open: 0.0061 Previous Close: 0.0099
Today's High: 0.0108 Volume: 329,810
Today's Low: 0.0061 Avg Vol: 156,200
52 Week High: 300 Bid (size): 0
52 Week Low: 0 Ask (size): 0


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Contact Information:

Business Address: 4750 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, CO 80305, United States
Mailing Address: -
Phone: 866-241-6868
Fax: -
Website: http//

Company Details:

Symbol: BVTK
SIC: -
State location: OR
Sector: -
State of Inc: CO
Employees: -
Type: -

Key executives:

Name Age Position

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