Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (GILT) - Description of business

Company Description

Gilat Satallite Network Ltd  designs, develops and markets innovative satellite and hybrid networking products, services and solutions and has shipped more than 750,000 VSATs to operators in 85 countries. Gilat provides broadband solutions that deliver efficient, reliable and affordable data, Internet, voice and video to enterprises, governments, carriers and consumers around the globe. Gilat also provides value to its customers through comprehensive end-to-end solutions, turn-key projects, managed network services and network outsourcing. Gilat has 16 sales and service offices worldwide.

Gilat markets a full line of high-performance VSATs under the SkyEdgeTM and SkyEdge II product family. Gilat's SkyEdge and SkyEdge II multi-service platforms enable the delivery of high-quality voice, broadband data and video services for different environments including enterprises, rural networks, cellular backhaul and government network applications. Gilat's diverse portfolio of VSATs offer service providers the most suitable product for their application needs as well as the flexibility to evolve their networks. The newest addition to Gilat's SkyEdge II portfolio is NetEdgeTM, a dedicated solution for multi-star networks, specifically designed to meet the needs of corporate networks and cellular-backhaul applications.

Gilat's wholly-owned subsidiary, Spacenet Inc., is a leading provider of managed services in North America to the business and government segments. Spacenet designs, develops, and manages services for wireline and wireless broadband network solutions that meet the needs of business, government and industrial organizations. Utilizing nearly 30 years of industry leading experience, Spacenet serves more than 100,000 customer locations.


1987 Gilat Satellite Networks is founded.1989 Gilat introduces The OneWay, a receive-only VSAT mainly for the paging industry.1991 Gilat, together with its partner GTE Spacenet, introduces the two-way Skystar Advantage VSAT, enabling new enterprise satellite networking capabilities.1993 Gilat began public trading in the USA (NASDAQ: GILT).1994 Gilat introduces its FaraWay VSAT, enabling telephony via satellite to remote locations.1997 Gilat introduces its DialAway VSAT, expanding the company's telephony offerings.1998 Gilat acquires GE Spacenet (formerly GTE Spacenet), a North American enterprise service provider.1999 The SkyBlaster VSAT receives the award for "Most Innovative VSAT Solution" from Satellite Communications Magazine.2000 Gilat founds StarBand Communications - the industry's first consumer broadband services company and first high-speed ISP with US-wide capability.2002 Introduction of Skystar 360E for SMEs, SOHOs and corporations.2003 Financial restructuring.2004 Gilat introduces the SkyEdge Family of products, a "one system does it all" platform enabling interactive data, broadband IP, public and corporate telephony on the same platform.2005 Separation into three business units: GNS, Spacenet and Spacenet Rural Communications.2006 Gilat joins Cisco Technology Developer Partner Program to provide interoperability between SkyEdge and the Cisco VSAT NM.