GLOBAL PLATINUM & GOLD INC (BORK) - Description of business

Company Description

Bourque Industries is a company that has particular expertise in metal technology. It has invented a new metal called Kryron.

Our Kryron product is expected to be introduced into industries using old and new technologies. Bourque Industries' Kryron-brand proprietary metal alloy is often stronger, lighter and Uniquely High electronic/Low thermal conductivity than the material it replaces. The first big Kryron application is for metal plates that are so important in the making of ballistic armor for law enforcement and the military. In addition to ballistic armor, Kryron has obvious value in the design of vehicle armor and transmission wire and cable.

For ballistic armor, these qualities make it more practical in battle and police conditions. For vehicle armor, it adds less to weight where strength is also so important. For data transmission, its high conductivity combines with its ability to withstand current of metals 10-30 times its weight.

Bourque Industries plans to provide this metal technology to many different industries that have been restricted by physical or electrical limitations. Bourque Industries expects to be product and increasing the company products almost immediately.

The company is being led by John Bourque, CEO and CJ Condon, Executive VP located in Tucson, AZ. The company operates on the stock ticker of BORK. Bourque Industries is currently working to increase production on the ballistic products working under the name of JBIT Industries.

JBIT Industries currently has commitments from several law enforcement agencies to implement ballistic products in their areas. Bourque Industries is currently in an dual expansion mode, building out foundries for Kryron production and a marketing program for growing market share.