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Company Description

Hansen Natural Corporation was incorporated in Delaware on April 25, 1990. Its principal place of business is at 1010 Railroad Street, Corona, California 92882 and its telephone number is (951) 739-6200. When this report uses the words "Hansen", "HBC", "the Company", "we", "us", and "our", these words refer to Hansen Natural Corporation and our subsidiaries other than Monster LDA Company ("MLDA"), unless the context otherwise requires.

We are a holding company and carry on no operating business except through our direct wholly owned subsidiaries, Hansen Beverage Company ("HBC") which was incorporated in Delaware on June 8, 1992, and MLDA, formerly known as Hard e Beverage Company, and previously known as Hard Energy Company and as CVI Ventures, Inc., which was incorporated in Delaware on April 30, 1990. HBC generates substantially all of our operating revenues.

We develop, market, sell and distribute "alternative" beverage category natural sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks and energy sports drinks, fruit juice smoothies and, "functional drinks", sparkling lemonades and orangeades, non-carbonated ready-to-drink iced teas, lemonades, juice cocktails, children's multi-vitamin juice drinks and non-carbonated lightly flavored energy waters under the Hansen's(R) brand name. We also develop, market, sell and distribute energy drinks under the Monster Energy(R), Lost(R) Energy, Rumba(TM) and Joker Mad Energy(TM) brand names. We also market, sell and distribute, natural sodas, premium natural sodas with supplements, organic natural sodas, seltzer waters and energy drinks under the Blue Sky(R) brand name. Our fruit juices for toddlers are marketed under the Junior Juice(R) brand name. We also market, sell and distribute vitamin and mineral drink mixes in powdered form under the Fizzit(TM) brand name.

The Company has two reportable segments, namely Direct Store Delivery ("DSD"), whose principal products comprise energy drinks, and Warehouse, whose principal products comprise juice based and soda beverages. The DSD segment develops, markets and sells products primarily through an exclusive distributor network whereas the Warehouse segment develops, markets and sells products primarily direct to retailers.

Corporate History

In the 1930s, Hubert Hansen and his three sons started a business to sell fresh non-pasteurized juices in Los Angeles, California. This business eventually became Hansen's Juices, Inc., which subsequently became known as The Fresh Juice Company of California, Inc. ("FJC"). FJC retained the right to market and sell fresh non-pasteurized juices under the Hansen trademark. In 1977, Tim Hansen, one of the grandsons of Hubert Hansen, perceived a demand for pasteurized natural juices and juice blends that are shelf stable and formed Hansen Foods, Inc. ("HFI"). HFI expanded its product line from juices to include Hansen's(R) natural sodas. California Co-Packers Corporation (d/b/a/ Hansen Beverage Company) ("CCC") acquired certain assets of HFI, including the right to market the Hansen's(R) brand name, in January 1990. On July 27, 1992, HBC acquired the Hansen's(R) brand natural soda and apple juice business from CCC. Under our ownership, the Hansen beverage business has significantly expanded and includes a wide range of beverages within the growing "alternative" beverage category including in particular, energy drinks. In September 1999, we acquired all of FJC's rights to manufacture, sell and distribute fresh non-pasteurized juice products under the Hansen's(R) trademark together with certain additional rights. In 2000, HBC, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Blue Sky Natural Beverage Co. ("Blue Sky"), which was incorporated in Delaware on September 8, 2000, acquired the natural soda business previously conducted by Blue Sky Natural Beverage Co., a New Mexico corporation ("BSNBC"), under the Blue Sky(R) trademark. In 2001, HBC, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Hansen Junior Juice Company, ("Junior Juice"), which was incorporated in Delaware on May 7, 2001, acquired the Junior Juice business previously conducted by Pasco Juices, Inc. ("Pasco") under the Junior Juice(R) trademark.

Industry Overview

The alternative beverage category combines non-carbonated ready-to-drink iced teas, lemonades, juice cocktails, single serve juices and fruit beverages, ready-to-drink dairy and coffee drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, and single-serve still water (flavored, unflavored and enhanced) with "new age" beverages, including sodas that are considered natural, sparkling juices and flavored sparkling waters. The alternative beverage category is the fastest growing segment of the beverage marketplace according to Beverage Marketing Corporation. According to Beverage Marketing Corporation, wholesale sales in 2005 for the alternative beverage category of the market are provisionally estimated at $18.7 billion representing a growth rate of approximately 13.7% over the revised estimated wholesale sales in 2004 of approximately $16.4 billion.


Natural Sodas. Hansen's(R) natural sodas have been a leading natural soda brand in Southern California for the past 25 years. In 2005, according to Information Resources, Inc.'s Analyzer Reports for California, our natural sodas recorded the highest sales among comparable carbonated new age category beverages measured by unit volume in the California market. Our natural sodas are available in fifteen regular flavors consisting of mandarin lime, key lime, grapefruit, raspberry, ginger ale, creamy root beer, grapefruit, vanilla cola, cherry vanilla creme, orange mango, kiwi strawberry, tropical passion, black cherry, ginger ale and tangerine. In early 2001, we introduced a new line of diet sodas using Splenda(R) sweetener as the primary sweetener. We initially introduced this line in four flavors: peach, black cherry, tangerine lime, and kiwi strawberry and have since added two additional flavors, ginger ale and creamy root beer. Our natural sodas contain no preservatives, sodium, caffeine or artificial coloring and are made with high quality natural flavors, citric acid and high fructose corn syrup or, in the case of diet sodas, with Splenda(R) and Acesulfame-K. We package our natural sodas in 12-ounce and 16-ounce aluminum cans. In 2002, we introduced a line of natural mixers in 8-ounce aluminum cans comprising club soda, tonic water and ginger ale.

In January 1999, we introduced a premium line of Signature Sodas in unique proprietary 14-ounce glass bottles. This line was marketed under the Hansen's(R) brand name, primarily through our distributor network, in six flavors. In early 2003, we repositioned this line into lower cost 12-ounce glass packaging to market our repositioned Signature Soda line at lower price points directly to our retail customers such as grocery chains, club stores, specialty retail chains and mass merchandisers and to the health food sector through specialty and health food distributors (collectively referred to as our "direct retail customers"). Signature Soda is available in 12-ounce glass bottles in five flavors: orange creme, vanilla creme, ginger beer, sarsaparilla and black cherry.

In September 2000, we acquired the Blue Sky(R) natural soda business from BSNBC. Our Blue Sky product line comprises natural sodas, premium sodas, organic natural sodas, seltzer water, energy drinks and tea sodas. Blue Sky(R) natural sodas are available in twelve regular flavors consisting of lemon lime, grapefruit, cola, root beer, raspberry, cherry vanilla creme, Jamaican ginger ale, black cherry, orange creme, Dr. Becker, grape and cream soda. We also offer a Blue Sky(R) product line, a premium line of natural sodas which contain supplements such as ginseng. This line is available in six flavors consisting of ginseng creme, ginseng cola, ginseng root beer, ginseng very berry creme, ginseng ginger ale, and ginseng cranberry-raspberry. During 1999, Blue Sky(R) introduced a line of organic natural sodas, which are available in six flavors consisting of prime lime cream, new century cola, orange divine, ginger gale, black cherry cherish, and root beer. We also market a seltzer water under the Blue Sky(R) label in three flavors: natural, lime and lemon. In 2002, we introduced a lightly carbonated Blue Sky(R) energy drink in an 8.3-ounce slim can. In 2004, we introduced a new line of Blue Sky(R) natural tea sodas in four flavors consisting of Imperial Lime Green Tea, Peach Mist Green Tea, Pomegranate White Tea and Raspberry Red Tea. The Blue Sky(R) products contain no preservatives, sodium or caffeine (other than the energy drink) or artificial coloring and are made with high quality natural flavors. Blue Sky(R) natural sodas, seltzer waters and tea sodas are all packaged in 12-ounce aluminum cans and are marketed primarily to our direct retail customers. In March 2005, we introduced a new light line of Blue Sky sodas using natural sweeteners in four flavors, cherry vanilla creme, creamy root, Jamaican ginger ale and wild raspberry in 12-ounce cans. In the third quarter of 2005, we introduced a new line of Blue Sky(R) Natural Sodas with real sugar in 12-ounce cans in four flavors, cherry vanilla creme, cola, ginger ale and root beer. In December 2005, we introduced a new line of Blue Sky Isotonic Sports Drinks in 16-ounce polyethylene terephthalate ("PET") plastic bottles in three flavors, orange, lemon lime and fruit punch.

In 2001, we introduced a new line of sparkling lemonades (regular and pink) and orangeades in unique proprietary 1-liter glass bottles and towards the end of 2002, we introduced diet versions of our regular sparkling lemonades and orangeades, also in 1-liter glass bottles. The sparkling lemonades and orangeades contain real juice and pulp. In 2003, we extended this line into unique proprietary 12-ounce glass bottles in both regular and diet versions. This product line is marketed to our direct retail customers. The contract packer who produced these products on our behalf underwent a change of ownership and experienced production difficulties which adversely affected this product line. We are currently evaluating alternative packages for this line.

Hansen's Energy Drinks. In 1997, we introduced a lightly carbonated citrus flavored Hansen's(R) energy drink in 8.3-ounce cans. Our energy drink competes in the "functional" beverage category, namely, beverages that provide a real or perceived benefit in addition to simply delivering refreshment. We also offered additional flavors of energy drinks as well as functional drinks including a ginger flavored d-stress(R) drink, an orange flavored b-well(TM) drink, a guarana berry flavored stamina(R) drink, a grape flavored power drink, and a berry flavored "slim-down" drink that contained no calories, in the same size cans. We have since discontinued sales of such products. Our energy drinks contain vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs and supplements (collectively "supplements"). In 2004, we commenced to offer our Hansen's energy drink in 16-ounce cans as well. In 2001, we introduced Energade(R), a non-carbonated energy sports drink in 23.5-ounce cans in two flavors, citrus and orange, and subsequently introduced a third flavor, red rocker, which we have since discontinued. We also introduced E2O Energy Water(R), a non-carbonated lightly flavored water, in 24-ounce blue PET plastic bottles, in four flavors, tangerine, apple, berry and lemon. We have since discontinued the apple flavor and introduced a green tea flavor in its place. In 2002, we expanded our E2O Energy Water(R) line with four additional flavors in clear PET plastic bottles, mango melon, kiwi strawberry, grapefruit and green tea. We have since discontinued the E2O Energy Water(R) line in clear PET plastic bottles. Our Energade(R) and E2O Energy Water(R) drinks also contain different combinations and levels of supplements. We are currently repositioning our E2O Energy Water(R) line. At the end of 2002, we introduced a lightly carbonated diet energy drink in 8.3-ounce cans under the Hansen's(R) Diet Red brand name. Our Diet Red energy drink is sweetened with Splenda(R) and Acesulfame-K. We market our energy, and Energade(R) drinks primarily through our full service distributor network. We market our E2O Energy Water(R) drinks in blue bottles to our direct retail customers. In 2003, we introduced a new carbonated energy drink under the Hansen's(R) Deuce brand name, in 16-ounce cans, but with a different flavor from our existing Hansen's(R) Energy drinks in 8.3-ounce cans. We have since discontinued this product.

Monster Energy(R) Drinks. In 2002, we launched a new carbonated energy drink under the Monster Energy(R) brand name, in 16-ounce cans, which was almost double the size of our regular energy drinks in 8.3-ounce cans and the vast majority of competitive energy drinks on the market at that time. Our Monster Energy(R) drink contains different types and levels of supplements than our Hansen's(R) energy drinks and is marketed through our full service distributor network. In 2003, we introduced a low carbohydrate ("Lo-Carb") version of our Monster Energy(R) energy drink. In 2004, we introduced 4-packs of our Monster Energy(R) drinks including our Lo-Carb version thereof and, towards the end of 2004, we launched a new Monster Energy(R) Assault(TM) energy drink in 16-ounce cans. During the first half of 2005, we introduced our Monster Energy(R) drinks and Lo-Carb Monster Energy(R) in 24-ounce size cans as well as Monster Energy(R), Lo-Carb Monster Energy(R) and Monster Energy(R) Assault(TM) in 8.3-ounce size cans. In September 2005, we introduced a new Monster Energy(R) Khaos(TM) energy drink in 16-ounce cans. Khaos(TM) is lightly carbonated and contains 70% juice.

Lost(R) Energy Drinks. In 2004, we launched a new carbonated energy drink under the Lost(R) brand name, in 16-ounce cans. Towards the end of 2005, we introduced a lo-carb version of Lost(R) under the Perfect 10 brand name as well as a new Lost(R) Five-O energy drink, all in 16-ounce cans. Lost(R) Five-O contains 50% juice and is lightly carbonated. In December 2005, we introduced Lost(R) and Lost(R) Five-O in 24-ounce size cans. The Lost(R) brand name is owned by Lost International LLC and the drinks are produced, sold and distributed by us under exclusive license from Lost International LLC.

Rumba(TM) Energy Juice. In December 2004, we launched a new non-carbonated energy juice under the Rumba(TM) brand name in 15.5-ounce cans. Rumba(TM) is a 100% juice product that targets male and female morning beverage consumers and is positioned as a substitute for coffee, caffeinated sodas and 100% orange or other juices.

Joker Mad Energy(TM) Drink. In the first quarter of 2005, we introduced Joker Mad Energy(TM) drinks in 16-ounce cans. Joker Mad Energy(TM) drinks come in both regular and lo-carb versions in 16-ounce cans.

Juice Products and Smoothies. Our fruit juice product line includes Hansen's(R) Natural Old Fashioned Apple Juice which is packaged in 64-ounce PET plastic bottles and 128-ounce polypropylene bottles and White Grape, Concord Grape, Orange, and Pomegranate, Apple Strawberry and Apple Grape juice blends, in 64-ounce PET plastic bottles. These Hansen's(R) juice products contain 100% juice (except Pomegranate which contains 27% juice) as well as Vitamin C. Certain of these products also contain added calcium. Hansen's(R) juice products compete in the shelf-stable juice category. In 2002, we extended our fruit juice and juice blend product line by introducing certain of these products in 10-ounce PET plastic bottles and in 2003 further extended our fruit juice product line by introducing a 100% Apple Juice in aseptic pouches in a 6.75-ounce size. We also offer light juices and juice cocktails in 64-ounce PET plastic bottles.

In March 1995, we introduced a line of fruit juice smoothie drinks in 11.5-ounce aluminum cans. Certain flavors were subsequently offered in glass and PET plastic bottles. We have since discontinued offering smoothies in those packages. Hansen's fruit juice smoothies have a smooth texture that is thick but lighter than a nectar. Hansen's smoothies in 11.5-ounce aluminum cans contain approximately 35% juice. Our fruit juice smoothies provide 100% of the recommended daily intake for adults of Vitamins A, C & E and represented Hansen's entry into what is commonly referred to as the "functional" beverage category. Hansen's(R) fruit juice smoothies are available in thirteen flavors: strawberry banana, peach berry, mango pineapple, guava strawberry, pineapple coconut, apricot nectar, tropical passion, whipped orange, cranberry twist, as well as the blast line comprising Island Blast, Colada Blast and Power Berry Blast. In 2004, we repositioned our cranberry raspberry lite smoothie as part of our new lo-carb line of smoothies. Our lo-carb smoothie line currently consists of peach, mango and cran-raspberry flavors in 12-ounce cans.

In 2001, we introduced a new line of soy smoothies in 32- and 11-ounce aseptic packaging in five flavors: berry splash, tropical breeze, orange dream, lemon chiffon and peach passion. During 2004, we discontinued all of our soy smoothies in 32-ounce aseptic packaging and four of the five flavors in 11-ounce aseptic packaging, leaving Berry Splash, which was discontinued in 2005.

Sparkling Apple Cider. In 2002, we introduced a Sparkling Cider 100% juice drink in a 1.5-liter Magnum glass bottle. However, due to reports of some bottles breaking we promptly voluntarily recalled the product in the fourth quarter of 2003. We are pursuing a claim against the third-party bottler for the costs and losses incurred by us. We will reevaluate relaunching this product once certain production issues are resolved and a suitable co-packer has been identified.

We market the above juice and smoothie products to our direct retail customers.

Iced Teas, Lemonades and Juice Cocktails. We introduced Hansen's(R) ready-to-drink iced teas and lemonades in 1993. Hansen's(R) ready-to-drink iced teas are available in three flavors: Original with Lemon, Tropical Peach and Wildberry. Lemonades are available in one flavor: Original Old Fashioned Lemonade. Hansen's(R) juice cocktails were introduced in 1994 and are available in three flavors: kiwi strawberry melon, tangerine pineapple with passion fruit, and California paradise punch. We introduced a variety 12 pack of iced teas during the first half of 2001, which experienced limited success. We are continuing to market this package. Hansen's(R) ready-to-drink iced teas, lemonades and juice cocktails were packaged in 16-ounce wide-mouth glass bottles. At the end of 2002, we converted this line from 16-ounce glass bottles to 16-ounce polypropylene bottles and are currently reevaluating this line.

Hansen's(R) ready-to-drink iced teas are made with decaffeinated tea. Hansen's(R) juice products and smoothies are made with high quality juices and products that contain less than 100% fruit juice are also made with natural flavors, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid and other ingredients.

In 1999, we introduced a line of specialty teas in 20-ounce glass bottles, which we named our "Gold Standard" line. We subsequently introduced two additional green tea flavors as well as two diet green tea flavors and six juice cocktails. We have discontinued certain of the specialty teas and all of the juice cocktails but continue to market four products, green tea, lemon green tea and peach green tea as well as the diet peach green tea flavor. Our Gold Standard line also contains supplements. We continue to package our Gold Standard Line in unique 20-ounce glass bottles.

Juices for Children. In 1999, we introduced two new lines of children's multi-vitamin juice drinks in 8.45-ounce aseptic packages. Each drink contains eleven essential vitamins and six essential minerals. We introduce new flavors in place of existing flavors from time to time. One of these two lines is a dual-branded 100% juice line named Juice Blast(R) that was launched in conjunction with Costco Wholesale Corporation ("Costco") and is sold through Costco stores. The other line was a 10% juice line named "Hansens Natural Multi-Vitamin Juice Slam(R) that was available to all of our customers. During 2000, we repositioned that line as a 100% juice line under the Juice Slam(R) name and market that line to grocery store chain customers, the health food trade, and other customers. Both the Juice Blast(R) and Juice Slam(R) lines are marketed in 6.75-ounce aseptic packages. The Juice Slam(R) line has four flavors and the Juice Blast(R) line has three flavors.

In May 2001, we acquired the Junior Juice(R) beverage business. The Junior Juice(R) product line is comprised of seven flavors of 100% juice in 4.23-ounce aseptic packages and is targeted at toddlers. Six flavors of the Junior Juice(R) line have calcium added and all flavors have vitamin C added. The current flavors in the Junior Juice(R) line are apple, apple berry, orange twist, apple grape, mixed fruit, fruit punch and white grape.

Bottled Water. Our still water products were introduced in 1993 and are primarily sold in 0.5-liter plastic bottles to the food service trade. Sales of this product line are very limited.

Fizzit(TM) Powdered Drink Mixes. In December 2005, we introduced a new line of vitamin and mineral drink mixes in powdered form under the Fizzit(TM) brand name. This line includes vitamin and mineral formulas as well as functional formulas.

Other Products

We continue to evaluate and, where considered appropriate, introduce additional flavors and other types of beverages to complement our existing product lines. We will also evaluate, and may, where considered appropriate, introduce functional foods/snack foods that utilize similar channels of distribution and/or are complementary to our existing products and/or to which our brand names are able to add value.

We also develop and supply, on a limited basis, selected beverages in different formats to a limited number of customers with the objective of solidifying our relationship with those customers.

Manufacture and Distribution

We do not directly manufacture our products but instead outsource the manufacture to third party bottlers and contract packers.

We purchase concentrates, juices, flavors, supplements, caps, labels, trays, boxes and other ingredients for our beverage products which are delivered to our various third party bottlers and co-packers. Depending on the product, the third party bottlers or packers add filtered water and/or high fructose corn syrup, or sucrose, or cane sugar or Splenda(R) brand sweetener, Acesulfame-K and/or citric acid or other ingredients and supplements for the manufacture and packaging of the finished products into approved containers in accordance with our formulas. In the case of sodas and other carbonated beverages, the bottler/packer adds carbonation to the products as part of the production process.

We are generally responsible for arranging for the purchase of and delivery to our third party bottlers and co-packers of the containers in which our beverage products are packaged.

All of our beverage products are manufactured by various third party bottlers and co-packers situated throughout the United States and Canada under separate arrangements with each of such parties. The majority of our co-packaging arrangements are on a month-to-month basis. However, certain of our material co-packing arrangements are described below:

(a) Our agreement with Southwest Canning and Packaging, Inc. ("Southwest") pursuant to which Southwest packages a portion of our Hansen's(R) natural sodas. This contract continues indefinitely and is subject to termination upon 60 days written notice from either party.

(b) Our agreement with Nor-Cal Beverage Co., Inc. ("Nor-Cal") pursuant to which Nor-Cal packages a portion of our Hansen's(R) juices in PET plastic bottles. This contract continues until August 2007 and is renewable annually thereafter from year-to-year unless terminated by Hansen's not less than 60 days before the end of the then current term.

(c) Our agreement with Seven-Up/RC Bottling Company of Southern California, Inc. ("Seven-Up") pursuant to which Seven-Up packages a portion of our Monster(TM) and Lost(R) brand energy drinks and a portion of our Hansen's(R) natural sodas. This contract continues until March 2009. Upon termination prior to such time we are entitled to recover certain equipment we have purchased and installed at Seven-Up's facility.

(d) Our agreement with Southeast Atlantic Beverage Corporation ("Southeast") pursuant to which Southeast packages a portion of our Monster Energy(R) and Lost(R) brand energy drinks. This contract continues until July 2007 and is renewable annually thereafter, unless terminated by either party not less than 180 days prior to the end of the then current term.

(e) Our agreement with City Brewing Company LLC ("City Brew") pursuant to which City Brew packages a portion of our Energade(R) energy sports drinks and energy drinks in 16 and 24-ounce cans. This contract continues until December 2006. Either party is entitled, at any time, to terminate the agreement upon ninety (90) days prior written notice to the other party.

(f) Our agreement with Pri-Pak, Inc. ("Pri-Pak") pursuant to which Pri-Pak packages a portion of our energy drinks in 8.3-ounce cans. This contract continues indefinitely but may be terminated at any time by either party upon ninety (90) days prior written notice to the other.

(g) Our agreement with Gluek Brewing Company ("Gluek") pursuant to which Gluek packages a portion of our energy drinks in 8.3, 15.5 and 16-ounce cans. This contract continues until August 2008 and is automatically renewed for one year periods thereafter. Either party is entitled at any time to terminate the agreement upon 180 days prior written notice to the other party.

In certain instances, equipment is purchased by us and installed at the facilities of our co-packers to enable them to produce certain of our products. In general, such equipment remains our property and is to be returned to us upon termination of the packing arrangements with such co-packers or is amortized over a pre-determined number of cases that are to be produced at the facilities concerned.

We pack certain products outside of the West Coast region to enable us to produce products closer to the markets where they are sold and thereby reduce freight costs. As volumes in markets outside of California grow, we continue to secure additional packing arrangements closer to such markets to further reduce freight costs.

Our ability to estimate demand for our products is imprecise, particularly with new products, and may be less precise during periods of rapid growth, particularly in new markets. If we materially underestimate demand for our products or are unable to secure sufficient ingredients or raw materials including, but not limited to, glass, PET/plastic bottles, cans, labels, flavors or supplement ingredients or certain sweeteners, or packing arrangements, we might not be able to satisfy demand on a short-term basis. The supplier of sucralose has notified the Company that our purchases of sucralose during 2006 will be subject to volume limitations due to the demand for sucralose exceeding their production capacity. While we believe that we will be able to secure sufficient quantities of sucralose during 2006 to meet the demand for our products that contain sucralose, we will reformulate certain of those products that contain sucralose with alternative sweetener systems to avoid an interruption in supply of those products, should the need arise.

Although our production arrangements are generally of short duration or are terminable upon request, we believe a short disruption or delay would not significantly affect our revenues since alternative packing facilities in the United States with adequate capacity can usually be obtained for many of our products at commercially reasonable rates and/or within a reasonably short time period. However, there are limited packing facilities in the United States with adequate capacity and/or suitable equipment for many of our newer products, including Hansen's(R) brand energy drinks in 8.3-ounce and 16-ounce cans, Gold Standard line, aseptic juice products, Energade(R), sparkling apple cider in 1.5-liter magnum glass bottles, Monster Energy(R), Lost(R), Rumba(TM) and Joker Mad Energy(TM) energy drinks in 8.3, 15.5, 16, and 24-ounce cans and sparkling lemonades and orangeade lines. There are also limited shrink sleeve labeling facilities available to us in the United States with adequate capacity for our E2O Energy Water(R). A disruption or delay in production of any of such products could significantly affect our revenues from such products as alternative co-packing facilities in the United States with adequate capacity may not be available for such products either at commercially reasonable rates and/or within a reasonably short time period, if at all. Consequently, a disruption in production of such products could affect our revenues. We continue to seek alternative and/or additional co-packing facilities in the United States or Canada with adequate capacity for the production of our various products to minimize the risk of any disruption in production.

We have entered into distribution agreements for the distribution in most states of Hansen's(R) brand energy drinks, Monster Energy(R) drinks, Lost(R) energy drinks, and Energade(R) energy sports drinks. Distribution levels vary from state to state and from product to product. Certain of our products are sold in Canada. We also sell a limited range of our products to distributors outside of the United States, including in Mexico, the Caribbean , Central and South America, Japan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

We continually seek to expand distribution of our products by entering into agreements with regional bottlers or other direct store delivery distributors having established sales, marketing and distribution organizations. Many of our bottlers and distributors are affiliated with and manufacture and/or distribute other soda and non-carbonated brands and other beverage products. In many cases, such products compete directly with our products.

We continue to take steps to reduce our inventory levels in an endeavor to lower our warehouse and distribution costs.

During 2005, we continued to expand distribution of our natural sodas and smoothies outside of California. We expanded our national sales force to support and grow sales, primarily of Monster Energy(R) drinks, Lost(R) energy drinks, and Energade(R) energy sports drinks and we intend to continue to build such sales force in 2006.

Our Blue Sky(R) products are sold primarily to the health food trade, natural food chains and mainstream grocery store chains, through specialty health food distributors.

We concluded exclusive contracts with the State of California ("State") Department of Health Services, Women, Infant and Children ("WIC") Supplemental Nutrition Branch ("DHS") to supply 100% apple juice and 100% blended juice, in 64-ounce PET plastic bottles. The contracts are each for a period of three years with a further one-year extension option to be mutually agreed between Hansens and the State of California. We bid the lowest net cost per unit in terms of the wholesale price, less a rebate to the State. Formal written agreements were signed with the State in accordance with the bid process. The contracts commenced on July 12, 2004.

Under the contracts Hansen's is the exclusive supplier for both Apple Juice and the blended juice category, a new WIC category, initially with our 100% Apple Grape Juice. During 2005, our Apple Strawberry Juice was approved within the blended juice category and became eligible for redemption under the WIC contract in addition to our 100% Apple Grape Juice. The WIC contracts have expanded the distribution of Hansens juices, resulting in increased exposure for the Hansens brand. WIC-approved items are stocked by the grocery trade and by WIC-only stores. Products are purchased by WIC consumers with vouchers given by the DHS to qualified participants.

Our principal warehouse and distribution center and corporate offices relocated to our current facility in October 2000. In January 2004, we leased an additional warehouse facility in Corona to consolidate additional space that had been leased by us on short term leases from time to time to meet our increased warehousing needs due to increases in both sales volumes and products and terminated the two short term leases concerned. We continue to take steps to reduce our inventory levels wherever possible, in an endeavor to lower our warehouse and distribution costs. (See also "PART I

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