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Company Description
GeneralVillageEDOCS is a global outsource provider of business process solutions that simplify, facilitate and enhance critical business processes. Our mission is to provide solutions that facilitate the movement of business critical information between business enterprises and their trading partners. Our strategy is to further develop innovative solutions to existing services to expand our ability to benefit our enterprise clients and increase the breadth and size of the markets we satisfy today. Our acquisition growth strategy is focused on acquiring intellectual and technology assets that continue to accelerate the expansion of our client solutions.Clients use our hosted services and client premise solutions for a spectrum of business-critical communications and business processes, including just-in-time manufacturing, receivables, invoice delivery, securities filings, insurance and healthcare transactions, document capture and automation, utility and tax billing, electronic payment capture, general ledger, marketing campaigns, and printing of documents and other applications.Our target markets include financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and local government, and we served approximately 1,200 active clients, including approximately 25,000 individual users, as of December 31, 2006. We have a multi-channel sales approach, selling directly to clients through our telesales and field sales and tele-marketing professionals and indirectly through strategic partners.Unless otherwise indicated by the context, the "Company" means the parent company, VillageEDOCS and our wholly-owned subsidiaries, GoSolutions, Inc., MessageVision, Inc., Tailored Business Systems, Inc., and Phoenix Forms, Inc.We are incorporated in the State of California and have been in business since 1995. Our corporate headquarters are located at 14471 Chambers Road, Suite 105, Tustin, CA 92780, and our telephone number is (714) 734-1030. As of December 31, 2006, we had 78 employees, and we service clients throughout the world.Industry BackgroundA business enterprise's success is dependent upon the ability to communicate with an ever-expanding number of prospects, clients and trading partners. Business enterprises are challenged to support an increasing number of communication methods while required to meet more stringent compliance and regulation. Today's global competition and markets effectively require business enterprises to have increased speed of communication, accuracy, security management, and control of business processes.Business enterprises are increasingly outsourcing their inter-enterprise business processes to services like ours. We offer a wide spectrum of business process solutions, a scalable global platform and proven expertise.Business ServicesWe market a complete set of business communications services and solutions that enable business enterprise clients to increase competitiveness and efficiency through the automation of labor- and paper-intensive business processes. We believe that our communications technologies-based services improve and enhance data delivery and critical business communications for global enterprises. We believe our hosted "on demand" solutions enable organizations to pay as they utilize services, outsourcing the friction points of business document processing, communications, and messaging, while retaining control of business information, processes, and services.Operating SegmentsWe conduct our business through four wholly-owned subsidiaries. GoSolutions, Inc. ("GoSolutions", "GSI"), operates our enhanced voice and data communications services. MessageVision, Inc. ("MessageVision," "MVI") operates our Internet-based document delivery services. Tailored Business Systems, Inc. ("TBS") operates our government accounting products and services business. Phoenix Forms, Inc. ("Resolutions," "PFI") operates our e-forms, archiving, imaging, and workflow services.Segment revenue and profit information for MessageVision, TBS, and Resolutions is presented in Note 12 of the Company's 2006 Consolidated Financial Statements, included as Exhibit 99.1 to this report. See "Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition or Plan of Operation" for additional financial data and commentary on recent financial results for operating segments.GoSolutions - Enhanced Voice and Data Communications ServicesGoSolutions (29% of consolidated revenues in 2006), which we acquired in May 2006, offers next generation communications services to enterprise customers through its hosted suite of enhanced telephony applications. GoSolutions develops, licenses and delivers technology to address the expanding needs of the telecommunications market. As of February 28, 2007, GSI had over 23,000 active users. GSI has two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Go Solo Technologies, Inc. and GoSolutions Canada, Inc., which has no significant operations. During 2006, independent representatives of one customer accounted for 50% of GSI's consolidated net sales (including sales prior to acquisition).GoSolutions OverviewGoSolutions' Enhanced Services Platform (ESP) offers a portfolio of progressive, Telco-grade calling services including basic voicemail, enhanced voicemail (which includes speech navigation and Web/phone message access), unified communications, audio and Web conferencing solutions. All GoSolutions' applications can be bundled with traditional voice and data products to provide the enhanced features found with VoIP offerings in the traditional Time Division Multiplexing space. Basic Voicemail GoSolutions has created a voicemail platform that enables companies to start out with the basics and add enhanced features as they grow. Features offered by GoSolutions consist of the following:• Call Forward Busy No Answer is set by Service Provider at the Local Exchange Carrier to transfer caller to the GoSolutions ESP; • Outside callers leave voicemail in the user's mailbox; • Subscriber dials own number to check messages from subscribed direct inward dial number; • Subscribers can listen, reply and send voicemail; and• Shared 800 access available to check messages while traveling.Enhanced VoiceMailIn addition to the features of GoSolutions' Basic Voicemail, GoSolutions' Enhanced Voicemail solution offers subscribers a virtual attendant with Find Me call routing capable of ringing up to 9 numbers. Privacy features allow callers to hear who's calling and either accept the call or transfer the caller to voicemail. A Web interface is available to check messages online. Enhanced Voicemail subscribers enjoy an enhanced professional image and the confidence of never missing another call or potential opportunity. Enhanced Voicemail is offered with a generic brand. Private branding and custom branding options are also available.All the Basic Voicemail features are included, plus: • Subscriber web access to playback voicemail messages online; • Find Me allows callers to have the party located at multiple destinations; and • Message notification sends subscriber an email or SMS text message to their cell phone notifying them of new voicemail messages.Premium Unified CommunicationsGoSolutions' flagship product, Unified Communications, is more than just a voicemail system. It is a next-generation communications suite that makes end-user's lives simple and more efficient. GoSolutions' unified communications solution enables subscribers to have a unified inbox. All voice, fax, and email messages are centrally located and accessible via the phone or the Web. Web access is compatible with MS Outlook. Users receive all their messages by consolidating them into the most widely used email application available. In addition, users can use GoSolutions' speech recognition system to send and receive voicemail and email over the phone.Corporate DirectoryGoSolutions' has combined flexible technology in conjunction with a custom IVR application to deliver a corporate directory product. Proprietary speech recognition technology directs a caller to a main line to access other sub accounts (users or departments) by name. Out of office attendant included. Unlimited scalability for any organization. Corporate directory solutions are generally private branded for customers.GoSolutions ConferencingGoSolutions offers both audio and Web conferencing services. Audio Conferencing - Subscribers can hold instantaneous conference calls on a reservationless conference bridge, using our custom-switching software. Customers can host a call or have individual callers pay for their own time on the conference call on a self-moderated conference bridge. Available bundled with other products for a unique, differentiating service. Web Conferencing - Allows subscribers to collaborate online in a feature-rich Internet browser meeting window. Growing in popularity, this option is attractive to individuals, small, and large businesses alike that are looking to reduce travel and presentation overhead. Custom-branding option is available.Net sales to external customers for the period from May 1, 2006 (date of acquisition) through December 31, 2006 were $3,720,998.MessageVision - Electronic Document Delivery ServicesMessageVision (22% of consolidated revenues in 2006) is a California corporation formed in 2004 to operate the historical business of VillageEDOCS, an Internet-based electronic document delivery service.We believe that MessageVision provides superior flexibility, availability, reliability, scalability, and security to enterprises. Virtually all industry segments produce documents that require extreme attention to content, format, security, and accuracy prior to delivery to the recipient. One feature that MVI's service provides is the ability for a user to send an electronic fax document to an individual or to a broadcast list of thousands through a web browser, e-mail package, Microsoft Windows-based application, Enterprise Resource Planning or Customer Relationship Management system, or a proprietary corporate information system. In addition, MVI provides "inbound" fax services that enable our clients to receive fax documents electronically. Once received electronically, documents may be stored digitally, printed, forwarded, sent to a fax machine, deleted with a single click, or annotated using popular desktop software. The service also fulfills the reliability and capacity considerations normally applied to production applications. When a fax is received by the service, it can be sent directly to an individual's email, central administrator for further distribution, or to back office applications for processing. Users are assigned a personal toll or toll-free number.Another example of MVI's service is the ability to capture information from any predefined output format, standard interface, data stream (i.e., API, Barcode, Print, Spool, Control File etc.) or directly from the actual document.Our integration tools automatically extract data values to automate business processes such as creating and distributing forms, addressing and re-routing faxes and email transmissions, and archiving data for immediate retrieval.As of February 28, 2007, MVI had approximately 400 active clients. During 2006, no single customer accounted for more than 10% of consolidated net sales.We use proprietary, internally-developed document processing and transmission systems to create and send or receive documents for our clients. We provide Internet-based fax services that integrate with existing Internet-connected systems within companies where invoices, statements, purchase orders, ticket confirmations, and other key documents originate. A typical application is characterized by the need to deliver time sensitive, personalized documents to a disparate group of recipients in multiple formats and delivery methods. Our services are designed for use by a wide range of industries and enterprise sizes using such diverse platforms as Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP, UNIX, and IBM iSeries (AS/400). Our clients currently include manufacturing companies, E-commerce providers, application service providers, food service corporations, value added resellers, weather reporting services, public relations firms, and direct marketing organizations. Businesses using J.D. Edwards, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Infinium, IBS and SAP environments, among others, can use our service to become fax-enabled without traditional capital expenditures and ongoing maintenance costs. We offer our clients the flexibility to send Microsoft Office, Corel, IBM PCL, Adobe PDF, next-generation HTML, and other types of documents through our Internet fax service. In addition, our service is compatible with virtually any foreign language including character-based Pacific Rim, Middle and Far Eastern languages. In addition, we offer our clients robust activity reporting and job control functions that are not offered by many of our competitors. We offer document management solutions that provide electronic document presentation functions that enable our clients to automatically generate and deliver presentation-quality documents from enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and E-Commerce and to populate a database with data from a document that has either been scanned or received as a fax.MVI charges our clients a fee primarily based upon either the number of pages delivered and received, or upon the number of minutes expended, for the delivery or receipt of our clients' documents during the month. In some cases, we charge one-time and annual perpetuation fees for custom-developed client solutions. Our net revenues are impacted by the number of effective business days in a given period.Net sales to external customers for the fiscal years ended December 31, 2006 and 2005 were $2,890,640 and $3,093,450, respectively.Tailored Business Systems, Inc. - Government Accounting Products and ServicesTBS (32% of consolidated revenues in 2006) is a Georgia corporation established in 1973. The Company acquired TBS in February 2004. TBS is engaged in the business of creating, maintaining, training, customizing and supporting computer application programs primarily for the use of city and county governments, the sale and installation of computer equipment and supplies, the printing and ordering of forms, the furnishing of consulting services, and the implementation of internal computer networks in communication with IBM iSeries servers. We generate revenues from TBS' established client base in the form of volume printing, billing, and fulfillment services as well as maintenance and training revenues. We have achieved a dominant share of the Georgia market for small to medium government entities, enjoying 75% of the city and municipal government market and 31% of the county government market in that state. Our goals include expanding our business model to governmental entities regionally and, eventually, nationwide. In addition, we intend to expand revenue both from printing and from subscription-based hosted solutions.As of February 28, 2007, TBS had approximately 400 active clients. During 2006, no single customer accounted for more than 10% of consolidated net sales.We charge for our proprietary software and for general-purpose hardware used in providing in-house solutions. When a client elects to use the hosted Application Service Provider service, we charge a monthly fee per user for the use of the Internet based services. For our online payment services, charges are usage-based. In addition to our application offerings, we charge for consulting, installation, implementation, support, annual maintenance and training. We charge separately for printing and forms jobs based on the specific nature of the requirements. For printing, it is generally per mailing and for forms on a per page basis. We deliver an efficient, economical and secure environment for our municipal clients. Our net revenues vary quarterly based on the budget and property tax assessment cycles of our local government clients.Net sales for the fiscal years ended December 31, 2006 and 2005 were $4,130,458 and $3,779,211, respectively.Resolutions - Electronic Document Management Services / Electronic FormsResolutions (17% of consolidated revenues in 2006) provides products for document management, document imaging, electronic forms, document archiving, and e-mail archiving. Resolutions' solutions are intended to help companies manage the entire life cycle of business critical information, whether it is to be printed, distributed, emailed, faxed, archived, imaged or just retrieved and viewed on screen. Our solutions have the power and flexibility to allow our customers to optimize the processing and delivery of the entire range of business documents and help them to keep their businesses competitive by making it easier to generate, store, manage, protect, retrieve, and distribute their information.Resolutions offers the full spectrum of Enterprise Content Management, providing a simple, intuitive, yet powerful, Knowledge Management software that allows organizations of all sizes to Process, Capture, Manage, and Protect their vital business information. Our proven software puts users in a position to optimize the content and appearance of documents and to deliver them via Print, Fax, E-Mail, Web, or Imaging and Archiving. Resolutions' suite of products include: R-Forms, for electronic forms design presentation and distribution; R-Fax, an enterprise fax solution for production, desktop, and broadcast faxing; R-Checks, a turnkey check printing solution; R-Output Manager, a report and multi-page document automation manager that delivers reports and electronic forms to recipients via print, email, fax, post-to-web or archive; and Redmap, a full function imaging and archiving solution. As of February 28, 2007, Resolutions had approximately 300 active clients. During 2006, no single customer accounted for more than 10% of consolidated net sales.Net sales to external customers for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2006 were $2,170,077. Net sales to external customers for the period from April 1, 2005 (effective date of acquisition) through December 31, 2005 were $1,895,785.Products and Services DevelopmentThe Company actively and continually engages in development of additional products and services to offer to our existing and potential new clients.Our ability to sustain our development activities is dependent upon the availability of sufficient funds from operations or other sources such as proceeds received by the Company from the sale of common stock, bank lines of credit or other credit facilities.