J & J Snack Foods Corp. (JJSF) - Description of business

Company Description
Our ability to successfully manage changes to our business processes, including selling, distribution, product capacity, information management systems and the integration of acquisitions, will directly affect our results of operations. Risks Associated with Foreign Operations Foreign operations generally involve greater risk than doing business in the United States. Foreign economies differ favorably or unfavorably from the United States’ economy in such respects as the level of inflation and debt, which may result in fluctuations in the value of the country’s currency and real property. Further, there may be less government regulation in various countries, and difficulty in enforcing legal rights outside the United States. Additionally, in some foreign countries, there is the possibility of expropriation or confiscatory taxation limitations on the removal of property or other assets, political or social instability or diplomatic developments which could affect the operations and assets of U.S. companies doing business in that country. Sales of our foreign operations were $7,889,000, $7,034,000 and $5,694,000 in years 2006, 2005 and 2004, respectively. At September 30, 2006, the total assets of our foreign operations were approximately $5.3 million or 2% of total assets. Seasonality and Quarterly Fluctuations       Our sales are affected by the seasonal demand for our products. Demand is greater during the summer months primarily as a result of the warm weather demand for our ICEE and frozen juice bar products. Because of seasonal fluctuations, there can be no assurance that the results of any particular quarter will be indicative of results for the full year or for future years. Item 1B.     Unresolved Staff Comments We have no unresolved SEC staff comments to report. Back to Contents