Company Description
Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc. is an application development and licensing company that has developed and patented technology that fundamentally changes the way air is moved, filtered and sterilized. Kronos is pursuing commercialization of its proprietary technology in a limited number of markets; and if we are successful, we intend to enter additional markets in the future. Eleven of the Company's U.S. patent applications and two of its international patent applications have been allowed for issuance. To date, our ability to execute our strategy has been restricted by our limited amount of capital.Kronos is focused on prioritizing the Company's limited resources on developing and licensing Kronos' proprietary technology for air movement and purification applications to address the indoor air quality market. The Kronos technology has numerous valuable characteristics for applications in the indoor air quality market, including moving air and gases at high velocities while filtering odors, smoke and particulates and sterilizing air from bacteria and virus contamination. A number of the scientific claims of the Kronos technology have been tested by the U. S. and foreign governments, multi-national companies and independent testing facilities.