Tara Gold Resources Corp (TRGD) - Description of business

Company Description
We were incorporated October 14, 1999 in the State of Nevada as Westnet Communications Group, Inc. ("Westnet"), for the purpose of developing a special interest worldwide web site. On April 1, 2001 we acquired Merchantpark Communications, Inc. ("Merchantpark"), a Nevada corporation, in a stock for stock transaction whereby we issued 14,285,400 shares of our common stock to the shareholders of Merchantpark in exchange for all of the outstanding shares of Merchantpark. As a result of the transaction: (i) we acquired all of the assets of Merchantpark subject to its liabilities; (ii) Merchantpark became our wholly owned subsidiary; (iii) our name was changed to Merchantpark Communications, Inc.; and, (iv) the operations of Merchantpark became our operations, that is the development of a proprietary 2nd generation e-business software for licensing to ses, web-site development and hosting services.