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Company Description
--RISK FACTORS." EXCEPT FOR OUR ONGOING OBLIGATIONS TO DISCLOSE MATERIAL INFORMATION UNDER THE FEDERAL SECURITIES LAWS, WE UNDERTAKE NO OBLIGATION TO RELEASE PUBLICLY ANY REVISIONS TO ANY FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS, TO REPORT EVENTS OR TO REPORT THE OCCURRENCE OF UNANTICIPATED EVENTS. FOR ANY FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS CONTAINED IN ANY DOCUMENT, WE CLAIM THE PROTECTION OF THE SAFE HARBOR FOR FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS CONTAINED IN THE PRIVATE SECURITIES LITIGATION REFORM ACT OF 1995. PART IITEM 1. DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS. We have historically generated our revenues from fees earned by us from the rental of our Starting email list, and from fees paid directly by customers of our Florida Fountain of Youth Spa, an anti-aging day spa located in Stuart, Florida, which began operations in November 2004. During the fourth quarter of 2005 we determined to discontinue the operations of the Florida Fountain of Youth Spa. In December 2005 the Company completed the sale of the Starting website and all applicable content, trademarks, databases and domains.STARTING POINT.COM The Starting email list was derived from opt-ins to our former Starting Point web site located at This web site was designed to offer a variety of web searching tools. Users could also perform targeted searches utilizing Starting's database of directories and web sites that include 13 distinct sections covering topics from investments to entertainment to sports to weather and more, with each section having had its own easy-to-use, organized format. Starting Point was previously managed for us by a third party. Prior to the year ended December 31, 2004 our sole customer was ResponseBase, a third party direct marketing company. In 2003 we were advised by ResponseBase that they were exiting that segment of their business. As a result, in both 2004 and 2005 we had no customers for our Starting email list and did not generate any revenue from this line of business. In December 2005 we completed the sale for $90,000 of the Starting website and all applicable content, trademarks, databases and domains. We also own and InternetChic Marketing. Neither of these web site properties is generating revenues at this time. was designed as a free online calendar and personal information management (PIM) service that offered a comprehensive set of features, including a personal calendar, group calendars, contact lists, appointment entry and tracking, and task lists, as well as a variety of content. Interplanner's original source code and documentation was developed for us by a third party. We own all intellectual property rights associated with Interplanner. InternetChic Marketing was a business-to-business marketing solution provider focused on developing and implementing Internet marketing and web site traffic building programs for Internet businesses and traditional brick and mortar companies.COMPETITION We competed with a vast number of companies in the collection and rental of targeted opt-in email addresses. This business segment is intensely competitive and rapidly changing and has proven to be a very difficult business model. Many of our current and potential competitors have greater name recognition, longer operating histories, larger customer bases and significantly greater financial, technical, marketing, public relations, sales, distribution and other resources. Some of our potential competitors are among the largest and most well-capitalized companies in the world. Because of our small size, we experienced difficulty competing effectively in our market segment, which was among the reasons for our determination to sell Starting Point.GOVERNMENT REGULATION We are subject to general business regulations and laws, as well as regulations and laws specifically governing the Internet and eCommerce. Existing and future laws and regulations may impede the growth of the Internet or other online services. These regulations and laws may cover user privacy, email distribution, data protection, content, copyrights, and consumer protection. It is not clear how existing laws governing issues such as personal privacy apply to the Internet and eCommerce. Unfavorable resolution of these issues may harm our business.INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY We rely upon a combination of trade secret, copyright and trademark laws to protect our intellectual property. Except where we have granted third parties contractual rights to use our intellectual property, we limit access to, and distribution of, and other proprietary information. However, the steps wetake to protect our intellectual property may not be adequate to deter misappropriation of our proprietary information. In general, there can be no assurance that our efforts to protect our intellectual property rights through copyright, trademark and trade secret laws will be effective to prevent misappropriation of our intellectual property. Our failure or inability to protect our proprietary rights could materially adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations. We have also obtained the right to the Internet addresses As with phone numbers, we do not have and cannot acquire any property rights in an Internet address. We do not expect to lose the ability to use the Internet address; however, there can be no assurance in this regard and the loss of these addresses may have a material adverse affect on our ability to license the related products and services.FLORIDA FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH SPA In November 2004, we opened the Florida Fountain of Youth Spa, a 3,000-s.f. anti-aging day spa located on the St. Lucie River in Stuart, Florida. Our facility offered, on a day-use basis, hormone replacement therapies, electro-magnetic therapy, and sexual enhancement therapies under medical supervision. Additionally, the center's facility had a complete cosmetic and therapeutic day spa specializing in body wraps and facials. In addition to the aforementioned spa treatments and services, the facility also sold a variety of over-the-counter diet supplements and vitamins, as well as skin care products, including the Skin Fitness line of products. As previously noted, during the fourth quarter of 2005 we determined to discontinue the operations of the Florida Fountain of Youth Spa.COMPETITION We competed with a significant number of competitors in the day spa business segment in the South Florida marketplace, including several located within close proximity to the Stuart, Florida area. Such locations include stand-alone day spas, as well as day spas located within health, beauty and fitness facilities, and within resorts and hotels. This business segment is becoming highly competitive with other local facilities offering substantially all, if not a greater number of the treatments and services that are offered at our facility. Given that our facility is relatively new in the marketplace, many of our current and potential competitors may have greater name recognition, longer operating histories, larger customer bases and significantly greater financial, technical, marketing, public relations, sales, distribution and other resources. Because of our small size and status as a recent start-up, we experienced difficulty competing effectively in our market segment, which was among our reasons for determining to discontinue these operations.EMPLOYEES As of December 31, 2005 we had one part-time employee, Jayme Dorrough, our sole officer and director.OUR HISTORY We were formed in the State of Florida in May 1998 under the name Coordinated Physician Services, Inc. to organize and operate primary care physician networks for managed medical care organizations. In February 1999 we abandoned this business due to excessive competition, changed our name to Techlabs, Inc. and embarked on a business strategy of a developer and incubator of start-up and emerging Internet companies and businesses.PENDING NAME CHANGE On July 28, 2004 Techlabs issued a press release stating its Board of Directors approved changing the corporate name to Siren International Corp. Techlabs anticipates filing an information statement with the SEC regarding this pending name change during 2006.RISK FACTORS An investment in our common stock involves a significant degree of risk. You should not invest in our common stock unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. You should consider carefully the following risk factors and other information in this prospectus before deciding to invest in our common stock.WE HAVE A HISTORY OF LOSSES AND AN ACCUMULATED DEFICIT. WE DO NOT ANTICIPATE THAT WE WILL REPORT A PROFIT IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. For the year ended December 31, 2005, we reported a net loss of $24,904 and at December 31, 2005 we had an accumulated deficit of $8,451,735. While a significant portion of our accumulated losses from inception through December 31, 2005 are non-cash, we have never generated sufficient revenues to offset our operating costs. The recent sale of Starting and the discontinuing of operations of our day spa has resulted in the company not presently having any ongoing source of revenue. While we continue to seek new business that can be either acquired or started-up, there exist no assurances that we will be successful in this regard and that any new business interests will generate sufficient revenue to meet our operating expenses in future periods. Our principal stockholder has historically advanced certain funds to us to pay our expenses, and we believe that it will continue to pay these expenses for us until such time as we are able to generate sufficient revenues from our own operations. As a result of the uncertainty surrounding our revenues in the near future, you should not purchase shares of our common stock based upon our historical operations or financial results.WE ARE DEPENDENT UPON OUR PRINCIPAL STOCKHOLDER FOR INTERIM CAPITAL. We have no working capital with which to meet our cash needs, including the costs of compliance with the continuing reporting requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Our principal stockholder has agreed to advance any funds necessary to insure that we are able to meet our reporting obligations under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. However, Yucatan has not agreed in writing to provide these funds and can only do so to the extent that it has available funds. No commitments to provide additional funds have been made by other stockholders or third parties. Accordingly, there can be no assurances that any funds will be available to us to allow it to cover our expenses. If we were unable to continue to meet our reporting requirements under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, our common stock would be delisted from the OTCBB and there would be no market for our securities.WE WILL NEED TO RAISE ADDITIONAL CAPITAL. We will be required to raise additional working capital to fund any operations we may establish in the future. It has been very difficult for small companies to raise working capital in the past few years, and we cannot anticipate if the funding environment in the U.S. or aboard will improve during 2006 and beyond. Accordingly, we cannot offer any assurances that if we should need additional capital that it will be available to us on terms and conditions which are reasonably acceptable, if at all. Depending upon the financial condition of our ultimate merger or business combination partner, the lack of sufficient working capital could materially and adversely affect any revenues we may be able to generate in future periods.OUR COMMON STOCK IS CURRENTLY QUOTED ON THE OTCBB, BUT TRADING IN OUR STOCK IS LIMITED. The market for our common stock is extremely limited, and we do not anticipate that it there will be any increased liquidity in our common stock until such time as we consummate a merger or business combination. Even if we are successful in completing such a transaction, there are no assurances an active market for our common stock will ever develop. Accordingly, purchasers of our common stock cannot be assured any liquidity in their investment.BECAUSE OUR STOCK CURRENTLY TRADES BELOW $5.00 PER SHARE, AND IS QUOTED ON THE OTC BULLETIN BOARD, OUR STOCK IS CONSIDERED A "PENNY STOCK" WHICH CAN ADVERSELY EFFECT ITS LIQUIDITY. If the trading price of our common stock remains less than $5.00 per share, our common stock is considered a "penny stock," and trading in our common stock is subject to the requirements of Rule 15g-9 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Under this rule, broker/dealers who recommend low-priced securities to persons other than established customers and accredited investors must satisfy special sales practice requirements. The broker/dealer must make an individualized written suitability determination for the purchaser and receive the purchaser's written consent prior to the transaction. SEC regulations also require additional disclosure in connection with any trades involving a "penny stock," including the delivery, prior to any penny stock transaction, of a disclosure schedule explaining the penny stock market and its associated risks. These requirements severely limit the liquidity of securities in the secondary market because few broker or dealers are likely to undertake these compliance activities. In addition to the applicability of the penny stock rules, other risks associated with trading in penny stocks could also be price fluctuations and the lack of a liquid market. It is unlikely that our common stock will trade above $5.00 per share in the foreseeable future, accordingly, any liquidity in the market will be further hampered by the applicability of the Penny Stock Rules to trading in our common stock.PROVISIONS OF OUR ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION AND BYLAWS MAY DELAY OR PREVENT A TAKE-OVER WHICH MAY NOT BE IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF OUR STOCKHOLDERS. Provisions of our articles of incorporation and bylaws may be deemed to have anti-takeover effects, which include when and by whom special meetings of our stockholders may be called, and may delay, defer or prevent a takeover attempt. In addition, certain provisions of the Florida Business Corporations Act also may be deemed to have certain anti-takeover effects which include that control of shares acquired in excess of certain specified thresholds will not possess any voting rights unless these voting rights are approved by a majority of a corporation's disinterested stockholders. In addition, our articles of incorporation authorize the issuance of shares of preferred stock with such rights and preferences as may be determined from time to time by our board of directors. Our board of directors may, without stockholder approval, issue preferred stock with dividends, liquidation, conversion, voting or other rights that could adversely affect the voting power or other rights of the holders of our common stock.

Watch the video to learn about the probability of Techlabs, Inc (TELA) Chart Signal as of Sep 02, 2014

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