US WIRELESS ONLINE INC (UWRL) - Description of business

Company Description

US Wireless Online, Inc. is currently in the process of merging with a suitable USA and or a China based operating candidate in the similar industry as the issuer.

The company represents Go Green Electronic Recycling, US based company that focuses on management and recycling of electronic waste in the United States. Our History We were formed as a Nevada corporation under the name Llebpmac, Inc. on May 4, 1998. We originally incorporated to open and operate a restaurant. From 1998 through early 2000 we conducted initial research but ultimately did not open the restaurant. On October 2, 2000, our shareholders approved a two for one forward split of our outstanding common stock and we changed our purpose to be a wholesale snack food merchandiser. On October 10, 2000, we entered into a license agreement to market potato chips in Japan and other Asian markets under the Idaho Chips trademark. On November 1, 2000, we changed our name to Cach Foods, Inc. to reflect our change in purpose. Cach Foods, Inc. became a public company on October 17, 2001. From October 2001 through April 2003, we conducted research on producing, manufacturing and distributing potato chips and other snack foods. In April of 2003, our license agreement to market Idaho Chips expired and we ceased our snack food activities.On May 12, 2003, we entered an agreement and plan of reorganization with U.S. Wireless Online, Inc. (“U.S.Wireless”). The agreement closed on May 19, 2003. Prior to closing, the Company effected a 0.48 to one reverse split of the then 12,152,000 currently issued and outstanding shares into 5,832,960 shares. Our former president and director then cancelled 3,820,000 post-split shares that he owned. As a result of this series of transactions, 11,492,565 post-reverse split shares of Cach Foods common stock were exchanged for all of the issued and outstanding shares of U.S. Wireless making U.S. Wireless a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cach Foods. The Company changed its name from Cach Foods, Inc. to U.S. Wireless Online, Inc.U.S. Wireless incorporated in 2000 to offer high-speed, low cost Internet access to small and medium sized businesses. By leveraging its carrier-grade Network Operations Center (NOC) and existing wireless broadband infrastructure, U.S. Wireless Online intends to expand the geographic scope of its wireless service offerings, along with its revenue base, by providing premium broadband service options and broadband-dependent applications and services (such as VoIP, security systems and video services) through direct sales, channel sales partnerships and acquisitions within the emerging and highly fragmented wireless broadband industry.The Company completed nine business acquisitions during 2005, as described below. Together these acquisitions will help U.S. Wireless leverage increased economies of scale and be positioned to accelerate growth organically in existing markets by expanding its wireless broadband Internet footprint. U.S. Wireless also intends to leverage its prominence in the broadband wireless industry to pursue additional strategic acquisitions.The Company and its subsidiaries provide wireless internet, email and communications services to businesses. The Company provides these services to Customers in the United States of America.