VALIDIAN CORP (VLDI) - Description of business

Company Description
Validian Corporation provides software products to assist public and private enterprises address the increasingly complex issues surrounding application security. Validian ASITM is an application-security software system that helps to protect the exchange of information at the application layer, where the majority of breaches occur, and helps to protect mission-critical applications against hack attacks and unauthorized access, which often occur at the hardware and software perimeter. Validian ASI makes secure data exchange among applications, including distributed applications, straightforward and affordable for any organization, regardless of size and resources. Validian ASI facilitates security audit compliance and assurance, whether mandated by government, industry or internal policy; helps to prevent impersonation through application authentication and authorization; delivers confidentiality through application authentication and authorization; and delivers confidentiality through end-to-end encryption of all exchanges, so that data never travels "in the clear". Incorporated in the United States, Validian has offices in the United States and Canada.Our TechnologyOur technology is based upon our intellectual property and was used to develop our products.

Our Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property includes an addressing scheme, an authentication process and a key exchange process for all parties to a communication, thus offering an authentication model for secure data exchanges. It also includes an encryption function using standard algorithms that encrypts data from within an originating application and decrypts the data within the receiving application.

Our technology provides benefits, by enabling users:

*to integrate security and transport in all communication and document exchanges through an integrated approach; and*to develop and use existing interactive, distributed applications (like e-commerce, e-banking, e-health and e-loyalty) with an integrated security model.

Our ProductsCurrently, we offer three main products on a commercial basis.

Our Application Security Infrastructure (ASI)Our ASI is an application security framework for securing data transport between distributed applications and Web services. ASI is specifically designed to secure communication between distributed applications and distributed networks. It automatically manages all critical security functions for any application, including authentication, encryption, key generation, key distribution, addressing and data transport. ASI delivers messages and files to, and only to, the target destination, and data never travels "in the clear" at any time between applications.

Supplemental to our ASI product, we offer a Software Development Kit (SDK), for rapidly and simply securing data transport between applications through ASI. The SDK includes a complete, integrated and built-in set of control, transport and security features, which are automatically inherited by any applications linked to ASI through the SDK. Application developers who use the Validian SDK do not have to learn and master any of the various transport and security products or mechanisms to implement security on their applications. Our SDK establishes low-level IP addresses and ports, and implements complex security features automatically. This provides the application with a complete communication security chain, as the ASI protection initiates from within the originating application and transports data to within the destination application. The SDK is offered free of charge to qualified developers and system integrators.

Our Secure Send & Receive (SSR)

Our Secure Send & Receive (SSR) product transforms a user's desktop or mobile PC into a secure communication facility for uploading sensitive, proprietary information to a shared repository. The solution also transforms any server into an efficient download manager that simplifies the distribution of proprietary files to authorized users. Our SSR protects file exchanges against malicious interference, interception by rogue applications and unwanted leaks.

Our Biometric Media Seal (BMS)

Our Biometric Media Seal (BMS) product is designed and developed specifically to prevent hacking, theft and piracy of digital media including films, videos, television programs and music during the production and post-production process.

Our BMS solution enables post-production houses, studios and production companies:

*to authenticate project workers using fingerprint signatures;*to store media files in encrypted form on portable media storage drives*to transfer encrypted media files of any size and any format betweenAuthenticated workers and/or reviewers across the Internet;*to track media file activity such as create, rename, modify, transfer andDelete, transparently and in real-time over the Internet; and*to set universal policies which govern security and tracking levels applied on a per project basis.