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Company Description
GENERAL In 2005 we refined our direction from a pioneer of emerging technology companies where we provided small business infrastructure, funding and substantial intellectual capital to bring important and timely life-changing technologies to the marketplace through all phases of the commercialization process, to a company that will focus its resources primarily on the manufacture, marketing and sale of Z-Trim, our zero calorie fat substitute and other Z-Trim related products. The company will continue exploring all available options for its other non-Z-Trim technologies and related assets. Circle Group Holdings, Inc. was formed by Gregory J. Halpern, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, as an Illinois corporation, in May 1994 under the original name, Circle Group Entertainment Ltd. In 1997, we changed our name to Circle Group Internet, Inc., and in 2002, we changed our name to Circle Group Holdings, Inc. We had no business operations except for research and development activities between May 1994 and January 1997. Since then, we have participated in several public and private offerings and have expanded our business. In 2002, we reorganized our business units into three reportable segments: food product development, security product development, and e-tailor and acquired FiberGel Technologies, Inc. ("FiberGel"), which owns an exclusive license to Z-Trim, an all-natural, agricultural-based fat replacement. We have four operating subsidiaries: Fiber-Gel Technologies, Inc., thebraveway.com, Inc., operating as The Brave Way Training Systems, On-Line Bedding Corp., and Z-Amaize Technologies, Inc., and have exclusive worldwide licenses to the Nutrition Analysis Tool website, Mini-Raman Lidar System, and ThraxVac technology.FIBERGEL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. We acquired FiberGel, formerly a wholly-owned subsidiary of Utek Corporation ("Utek"), on August 27, 2002. Under the terms of the acquisition, we issued 2,800,000 shares of our common stock to Utek valued at $504,000 using an average market price of $0.18 per share. We also issued a three year warrant to Utek to purchase 500,000 shares of our common stock at an exercise price of $0.36 per share of which such warrants were fully exercised in 2004. Z-Trim is currently our primary focus. FiberGel owns the exclusive, worldwide license for all fields of use to Z-Trim, an all-natural, agricultural-based fat replacement developed by the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture ("USDA"). Z-Trim is a natural zero calorie fat-substitute made from the hulls of corn, oats, soy, rice, barley that lowers 25% to 50% of calories from fats in most foods without negatively affecting taste or texture. Z-Trim generally can't be detected by consumers when formulated correctly in dairy, dressings, dips, sauces, baked goods, processed meats, snack foods, cookies, pies, cakes, icings, brownies, bars, ice cream, milk shakes and many other foods. It improves texture significantly; makes meats juicier, baked goods moister, dips creamier. Z-Trim lets you to eat more of the foods you love without fear of weight gain and allows you to lose weight without giving up the foods you love. Z-Trim adopts the flavor and mouth feel of most recipes and reduces aftertaste in most foods. It has been proven in studies that a majority of consumers prefer Z-Trim foods over their full-fat counterparts. Z-Trim can substantially reduce harmful Trans and saturated fats and adds healthy insoluble and soluble dietary fiber which can be beneficial to heart patients and diabetics. Z-Trim can improve digestion without any negative side effects sometimes associated with other fat substitutes. Z Trim's proprietary process turns worthless agricultural bi-products into a valuable and highly functional food ingredient with significant economic and health advantages over the fat it replaces. Z-Trim provides a competitive industry advantage, reduces environmental management costs, and delivers a novel and substantial profit center to manufacturers. Z-Trim is protected by an extensive intellectual property portfolio with over four dozen patents issued and pending throughout the world, as well as myriad associated trade secrets and know how, copyrighted works and trademarks. Z-Trim has been featured on Fox News "Your World w/ Neil Cavuto"; USA Today, Chicago Tribune, as well as local affiliates of NBC, FOX and CBS. The Company has been responding to industry inquiries and initiated exclusive partnership discussions with major domestic and international companies representing several food applications. As a result of new Z-Trim product developments presented by the our technology team, led by Triveni P. Shukla, Ph.D., Vice President of Technology Development, we have been able to expand the scope of our marketing partnership programs to include numerous applications under the following major SIC classifications: o 311.200 Grains and oil seeds; o 311.300 Sugar and confectionary; o 311.400 Fruits and vegetables; o 311.500 Dairy products; o 311.600 Processed meat; o 311.800 Bakeries and tortillas; and The Company currently provides samples of Z-Trim worldwide for testing to large, medium and small food companies as well as institutional food services along with technological support. There are 34 current customers using Z-Trim inproducts being sold on store shelves and in restaurants as well as several potential short, medium and long-term customers currently purchasing Z-Trim for pilot testing of several different product applications. The Company has received numerous inquiries in the United States and internationally relating to the manufacture, food processing, distribution licensing and sale of FiberGel's primary product Z-Trim, which we have the right to produce pursuant to an exclusive license from the USDA. The Company is currently making and shipping product to satisfy its customers' orders and product sample requests. Swiss based conglomerate DKSH, the company's distributor under exclusive limited territorial rights in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America has been purchasing Z-Trim and providing current and potential customers with product samples and other product related assistance for both Z-Trim and their newly developed non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Oat versions of Z-Trim. The raw material oats are being acquired through a distributor from Quaker Oats. The Company has been shipping Z-Trim product samples to many domestic and international food companies and has provided them with technical literature and assisted them with their product formulations. In addition, FiberGel has been selling Z-Trim powder and Z-Trim Gel directly to consumers for use in home cooking and has expanded its product offerings to include gourmet cookies, brownies and salad dressing. The Company completed the refinement of its proprietary Z-Trim process during 2005 in its manufacturing plant adjacent to its corporate offices in Mundelein, Illinois. Now, in 2006, the Company has retained a renowned Food Formulation Team to work directly with Manufacturers and Institutions on their formulations that require lowering fat. The Company also hired a well known Marketing company to develop awareness of the Z-Trim Brand.NAT TOOLS FOR GOOD HEALTH We acquired the worldwide exclusive license to the NAT Web, the Nutrition Analysis Tool ("NAT") website developed by the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois. The University of Illinois' NAT website is an interactive, web-based system designed to empower individuals to select a nutrient-rich diet. This fully functional nutrient analysis program utilizes the USDA nutrient database, including over 6,000 foods as well as information from food companies. NAT provides information on the relative composition of food and could aid consumers in their quest to achieve or maintain good health via nutritious eating. Pioneered and developed by Dr. James Painter at the University of Illinois in 1995, and a winner of several awards, the Nutritional Analysis Tools and System ("NATS") is based upon the behavioral scientific discoveries that keeping track daily of what we eat, plus how many calories we burn through fitness activities, are among the most critical components in achieving and sustaining long-term successful weight loss and health management. Using data provided by the USDA and most brand name food companies, NAT'S users can keep track every day of the foods, calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients they consume. New members can join MYNATS for free and save all their menus on the NATS database. Non-members can use NATS 2.0 to save all their data to their own computers for free offline reference. NATS users can calculate caloriesburned during the day. The web site provides visitors the ability to enter a certain activity and the amount of calories they wish to burn, and then calculates how long the given activity needs to be done. Visitors can also enter how long they did an activity and the web site calculates how many calories they burned or which activities a person can do to burn a certain amount of calories in a given length of time. The acquisition of the socially conscious NATS site is very significant to us because it has the potential to provide us with a large consumer audience, as it attracts as many as two million visitors per month from more than eighty countries. We are increasing awareness about our Z-Trim products and their benefits to consumers who visit the NATS website. Visitors to the site can also purchase Z-Trim products, a pedometer based diet program, and Palm OS software versions of the NATS site that they can use when on the go. We are planning to expand the number of products being offered on the web site in 2006 to include cooperative advertising and marketing of healthy, calorie and fat reduced Z-Trim products launched by food industry partners.Z-AMAIZE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Z-Amaize Technologies Inc. ("Z-Amaize"), another of our wholly owned subsidiaries, markets a new line of Z-Bind industrial adhesive products for the plywood and polymer concrete manufacturing industries. Z-Bind is an adhesive extending component that emerged from research performed by the FiberGel product development group. In their research for Z-Trim functional fat substitutes, the group identified a number of co-products, which were derived from agricultural-based raw materials. It was discovered that every pound of Z-Trim that we manufacture produces 13 gallons of waste which can be used in Z-bind. Rather than discarding this waste, we are focusing on opportunities for maximizing their value in the marketplace. The domestic plywood industry uses 1.2 million metric tons of resin solids per year worth approximately $10 billion. The softwood plywood sector uses 0.6 billion Kg of phenol formaldehyde resin solids and Canadian usage is 0.4 Billion Kg. Because of significant cost pressure from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") emission regulations regarding manufacture of such adhesives, Z-Bind products represent an affordable alternative to plywood manufacturers seeking superior and environmentally friendlier adhesives. Our goal is to develop additional profit centers that provide a steady stream of income from our core manufacturing process. Z-Amaize is devoted to serving a significant industry with better and more affordable adhesive solutions. Soft wood resin glues, used in plywood, chipboard and fiberboard, are already being extended with soy bean protein, casein, starch, oil cakes, corn flour, corn gluten protein, many seed gums and wheat flour for softening, filling, viscosity control and EPA compliance. Z-Bind has lignin from corn bran in addition to soluble fiber glue. It is compatible with lignin and tannin modified glues. The potential resin solids market that consumes adhesive extenders is approximately 352 million pounds. We have successfully tested Z-Bind at Forintek and we are talking to Several large companies regarding the purchasing of our Z-Bind waste stream. New uses for polymer concrete are constantly being developed in the constructionfield and other industries, which will provide additional markets and applications for Z-Amaize Technologies to pursue for its Z-Bind product line.MINI-RAMAN LIDAR We have also acquired the worldwide rights to all fields of use for the Mini-Raman Lidar technology. The Mini-Raman Lidar system was patented and developed by the U.S. Department of Energy at Brookhaven National Laboratory. It is a short-range tool to screen unknown biological, chemical, narcotic and hazardous substances without having to come in contact with them. Commercial development of this tool will give first responders the ability to detect substances on surfaces as well as in bulk quantity from a distance of three to fifteen feet. The Mini-Raman Lidar is a standoff technology that, unlike other typical devices, does not require physical collection of toxic materials to identify their composition. Applications and opportunities for this product are being pursued by the company in the defense, law enforcement, and Homeland Security sectors.THRAXVAC We also recently acquired the worldwide rights to all fields of use for the ThraxVac technology, which provides a way to capture ambient anthrax or Clostridial endospores and simultaneously trigger activation of the spore, which marks the beginning of the spores' loss of high resistively. By using heat and moisture to activate the spore, the dormancy is broken and the spore begins to germinate thereby becoming vulnerable to injury. The stream of newly activated spores are then exposed to alpha particle bombardment via a polonium source, which damages the DNA containing protoplast causing spore death and an inability to complete germination and produce toxin. The collection devices will be both portable and as part of an HVAC system using a HEPA filtering system with polonium 210 inserts to provide a "continuous killing repository" for the collected spores.ThraxVac(TM) and Lidar(TM) technologies were originally developed at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory. We have completed the phase one design of our Homeland Security technology, ThraxVac(TM), and produced a prototype model and promotional DVD for interested buyers. The DVD will be used in our ThraxVac marketing activities.BRAVE WAY TRAINING SYSTEMS The Brave Way Training Systems, another of our wholly owned subsidiaries, is a security training and product company. The Brave Way offers proven, highly effective, low-cost self-defense courses and videos with a uniquely targeted curriculum focusing on personal safety and self-defense including rape prevention. Courses are offered for police officers and security personnel through The Brave Way's state certified law enforcement training for students and teachers, individuals, Airline Personnel, Hospital personnel, through park districts, clubs, churches and other organizations as well as corporations. The Brave Way instructors have multiple backgrounds and experience in martial arts, security, self-defense, and military.ON-LINE BEDDING CORP. On-Line Bedding Corp. ("On-Line Bedding"), another of our wholly-owned subsidiaries, founded in 1981, is a distributor of pillows, blankets and other bedding products to airlines, hospitals, government, and other commercial and institutional customers. On-Line Bedding subcontracts the production of pillows, blankets and other bedding products to manufacturers. On-Line Bedding's customers include hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and motels, and transportation-based companies such as airlines, railroads and motor coach companies. On-Line Bedding purchases its raw materials from various suppliers, and contracts production of its airline pillows and blankets with third party manufacturers. On-Line Bedding warehouses a limited inventory, and drop ships its products from manufacturers or wholesale suppliers in multiple locations throughout the United States to reduce freight costs for its customers. On-Line Bedding's primary accounts include AMTRAK, as well as certain domestic and international airlines. In addition, the United States Armed Forces regularly purchases a specialty pillow from On-Line Bedding through the United States military's electronic invoice system. On-Line Bedding is also an authorized pillow and related product vendor for a hospital purchasing group with over 500 members in eight states.PRINCIPAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Z-Trim is currently our principal product. As more fully described above, we own through FiberGel the exclusive, worldwide license for all fields of use to Z-Trim, an all-natural, agricultural-based fat replacement developed by USDA. Z-Trim can be used to decrease fat and calories and increase insoluble healthy fiber in foods.EMPLOYEES AND LABOR RELATIONS As of December 31, 2005 we employed sixteen persons on a full-time basis and two persons on a part-time basis. While we believe that the current number of employees is sufficient to carry on our business as currently conducted, we may need to hire additional employees to meet future operational requirements. None of our employees are represented by a labor union and we are not governed by any collective bargaining agreements. We believe that relations with our employees are good.COMPETITION Although we compete with other food specialty firms providing products in the same ingredient category, we believe that Z-Trim represents a better, more comprehensive fat replacement solution than those of other companies.MARKETINGOur two-pronged marketing strategy for Z-Trim and the Z-Trim line of products includes the use of a variety of consumer media in pursuit of a brand awareness campaign targeted to the consumer, and a business-to-business campaign focusing on product education, sales, promotional and distribution strategies targeted to the food manufacturing and dining industries. Z-Trim product sales are targeted to the manufacturers of dairy, bakery, cereal, confectionary, processed meat,sauces, snack food, beverage, consumer-packaged and frozen foods, delicatessen, and private label foods, as well as to institutional food service, restaurants, catering, food solutions and "meal-makers" meal preparation outlets.Our Z-Bind adhesive extender is marketed via trade media to plywood and polymer concrete industries, as well as to the dental industry for adhesion of dental fixturesOPERATING SEGMENTS We operate three reportable segments, food product development, defense product development, and e-tailer. FiberGel, and Z-Amaize make up the food product development segment, Mini-Raman Lidar Technology, ThraxVac Technology, and The Brave Way Training Systems Inc. make up the defense product development segment, and On-Line Bedding makes up the e-tailer segment. Our management reviews the operating companies' income to evaluate segment performance and allocate resources. Our operating companies' income for the reportable segments excludes income taxes and amortization of goodwill. Provision for income taxes is centrally managed at the corporate level and, accordingly, such items are not presented by segment since they are excluded from the measure of segment profitability reviewed by our management. For financial data on these reportable segments, you should refer to the Consolidated Financial Statements and the notes thereto. CAUTIONARY STATEMENT REGARDING FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS This Annual Report on Form 10-KSB contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 ("Securities Act"), as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. The forward-looking statements are principally contained in the section entitled "Description of Business." These statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual results, performance or achievements to differ, perhaps materially, from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements about: o Our product development efforts; o The commercialization of our products; o Anticipated operating losses and capital expenditures; o Our estimates regarding our needs for additional financing; o Our estimates for future revenues and profitability; and o Sources of revenues and anticipated revenues, including contributions from corporate collaborations, license agreements and other collaborative efforts for the development and commercialization of our product candidates, and the continued viability and duration of those agreements and efforts.In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by terms such as "may," "will," "should," "could," "would," "expect," "plan," anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "project," "predict," "intend," potential" and similar expressions intended to identify forward-looking statements. These statements reflect our current views with respect to future events and are based on assumptions and subject to risks and uncertainties. Given these uncertainties, you should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. We discuss many of these risks in greater detail in the foregoing section under the heading "Management Risk Factors." Also, these forward-looking statements represent our estimates and assumptions only as of the date of this Annual Report. You should read this Annual Report and the documents that we reference in this Annual Report with the understanding that our actual future results may be materially different from what we expect. We do not intend to update any of these statements or to publicly announce the result of any revisions to any of these forward-looking statements. We qualify all of our forward-looking statements by these cautionary statements.

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