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Hot Penny Stocks

Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCMKTS:ELTP) Drops Like A Rock September 29, 2015

Yesterday saw Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCMKTS:ELTP) drop 9.82% on the heaviest trading volume the ticker has seen this month, and the weird thing is that there seems to be no discernible reason for the crash. read more

Aqua Power Systems Inc (OTCBB:APSI) Bounces September 29, 2015

Yesterday the stock of Aqua Power Systems Inc (OTCBB:APSI) bounced hard gaining over 56% and closing at $0.075 per share. Despite the impressive performance investors who bought into the stock just 8 sessions ago would still be facing losses of over 90%. That is right, in just a handful of sessions APSI crashed from more than 81 cents to less than 5 cents. The question is will yesterday's reversal turn into a more prolonged recovery? read more

Are Investors Returning To EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF)? September 29, 2015

The stock of EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF) has been surging up the chart for two sessions now. Yesterday it added another 11.6% to its value closing at $1.44 per share. Unlike the previous session, however, this time the trading was far more intense with the daily volume reaching 126 thousand shares. The monthly average for EMSF stands at 16,524 shares. read more

High Performance (OTCMKTS:TBEV) Is Headed For Triple Zeros September 29, 2015

High Performance (OTCMKTS:TBEV) managed to halt its descent for two whole days at the end of last week, but now it is tumbling down again, hard. read more

Clean Coal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CCTC) Breaks Through the $1 Mark September 29, 2015

Yesterday the stock of Clean Coal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CCTC) continued its amazing performance by surging another 25% up. Starting from an opening price of a little over 85 cents the ticker found itself at $1.05 by the time of the closing bell. A new 52-week high of $1.07 was registered during the session. The daily volume of close to 1.2 million traded shares is among the biggest seen by the company. read more

Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) Logs New Lows September 29, 2015

After a couple of green days that looked like a careful balancing act, Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) went back to slowly dropping down the charts. The share price took another step down yesterday, stopping at its lowest close for the last 52 weeks, at $0.030 per share. read more

Rainbow Coral Corp. (OTCMKTS:RBCC) Gets Smashed Again September 29, 2015

Rainbow Coral Corp. (OTCMKTS:RBCC) got busted another 13.89% down the charts yesterday, and this time it happened on a much bigger dollar volume. Why? read more

Is Cumulus Media Inc (NASDAQ:CMLS) Falling From Investors’ Grace? September 28, 2015

As the second largest U.S. radio operator, Cumulus Media Inc (NASDAQ:CMLS) covers quite a lot of ground among the 150 million listeners reached through radio, digital media and other marketing solutions. Yet, there’s one thing that has remained beyond its control – the stock charts. For CMLS is sinking like a stone, hitting one 52-week low after another. Does this mean that the Cumulus’ stockholders are facing the prospect of losing all their money, though? read more

WMIH Corporation (NASDAQ:WMIH) Up-Lists To A National Exchange September 28, 2015

After a rather bad experience in the second half of July and throughout August we finally saw the stock of WMIH Corporation (NASDAQ:WMIH) gain some ground this month, despite the obvious lack of press releases coming from company HQ. read more

Clean Coal Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:CCTC) Is Still Headed Up September 28, 2015

It looks like Clean Coal Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:CCTC) will continue its climb unperturbed in today's session as well, in spite of all the glaring red fags surrounding the company. read more

Cocrystal Pharma Inc (OTCBB:COCP) Regains some ground September 28, 2015

Cocrystal Pharma Inc (OTCBB:COCP) surged 11.93% on Friday, as investors learned that the company will employ Jeffrey Meckler full-time as its CEO. read more

Pharmacyte Biotech Inc (OTCMKTS:PMCB) Regains Some Lost Value September 28, 2015

After a good climb in the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second managed to push the stock of Pharmacyte Biotech Inc (OTCMKTS:PMCB) above the 20 cent per share mark we saw the ticker begin to slide down the charts, losing more than 50% of its value by the beginning of this month. read more

Will Aqua Power Systems Inc (OTCBB:APSI) Stop Crashing? September 28, 2015

On September 15 the stock of Aqua Power Systems Inc (OTCMKTS:APSI) closed at $0.815 per share. Would you like to guess what the closing price of the stock was at the end of last week? - $0.048 per share! That is right, in the span of exactly 9 sessions the company managed to obliterate over 94% of its value. Although in the world of pennystocks a rapid loss in valuation is far from unusual PASI's devastating drop is definitely a rare sight. But what could have caused it? read more

Creative Edge Nutrition Inc (OTCMKTS:FITX) Screeches to a Stop September 28, 2015

After a letter to shareholders and an announcement concerning its spinoff plans, Creative Edge Nutrition Inc (OTCMKTS:FITX) shot up on the charts in an unusual volume session on Thursday. On the next day that excited rush halted with a cough and a sputter and FITX closed red. read more

IMMUNE THERAPEUTICS INC FLA (OTCMKTS:IMUN) Logs a Mystery Surge September 28, 2015

After a two-month stretch of little excitement and a slow deflation in share price, Friday brought a lot of excitement and a volume spike for Immune Therapeutics Inc (OTCMKTS:IMUN). By the bell IMUN managed to climb a massive 47% on over 740 thousand shares traded. Intra-day, the price hit highs of $0.36 per share. The only question here is – why did any of this happen? read more

TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) Jumps Above 10 Cents September 28, 2015

Totally Hemp Crazy (OTCMKTS:THCZ) continued to make huge moves up the chart ahead of their shareholder meeting that took place this Saturday. The enthusiasm showed by investors pushed the company 26.2% higher on Thursday and just below 17% on Friday. As a result of the increased buying currently THCZ sit at $0.107 per share. read more

Q4 Systems Corp (OTCMKTS:QFOR) Slammed to 52-Week Low September 28, 2015

After months of trading in mostly five-digit share volumes, on Friday Quadrant 4 Systems Corp (OTCMKTS:QFOR) logged over 1 million shares traded. Sadly, the price action was not nearly as hot, with QFOR dropping 23% to a new 52-week low at $0.21 per share. read more

Will Studio One Media, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SOMD) Sink To New 52-week Lows? September 28, 2015

At the end of April Studio One Media, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SOMD) began surging up the chart culminating in a high of over 90 cents in mid-May. The truly impressive performance was sparked by a single PR - the ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ:ON) announced the release of their BelaSigna 300 AM digital signal processing chip. Embedded in the chip is the AfterMaster technology of AfterMaster HD Audio Labs, Inc., a subsidiary of SOMD. It is not an everyday occurrence for a NASDAQ-listed company to get involved with a pennystock venture and investors certainly had a reason to be excited. read more

Eventure Interactive Inc (OTCBB:EVTI) Dropping After The Financing Deal September 28, 2015

The performance of Eventure Interactive Inc (OTCBB:EVTI) in the past several months was quite disastrous. The ticker lost a lot of altitude and managed to drop below the 1 cent per share mark, having been traded into double-zero land since the first half of July. read more

Global Equity International Inc. (OTCBB:GEQU) Spikes On Pump September 28, 2015

Global Equity International Inc. (OTCBB:GEQU) managed to add 37.70% to its market value fueled by yet another PennyStockDream pump. read more

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