Hot Penny Stocks

Playlogic - OTCBB PLGC breaks above the $1 mark May 15, 2007

Playlogic stock has moved up recently. Developer of "convoluted, buggy, and overextended" video games is trying to complete a private placement. read more

K2 Digital (KTWO OTCBB ) Merges with a Florida Builder April 29, 2007

K2 Digital announced on April 27th that they have merged with a Florida Building company. It appears to be an all stock deal, with no cash involved in the transaction and existing shareholders will suffer 90% dilution from the transaction. Even with the dilution the deal looks OK to us. But why? read more

Googlicious!! Can google his $765 in 2007 April 20, 2007

We think it is definitely possible. But $600 is much more likely. read our Google's first Quarter Earnings Evaluation read more

eLEC (OTCBB:ELEC) announces they will sell their Vox Subsidiary March 30, 2007

eLEC communications (OTCBB:ELEC) is a company we like. No we are not buying the stock, or recommending it. But we find this story interesting, and won't give it our usual thumbs down. read more

MedLink OTCBB MLKNA Joint Venture (Nothing Plus Nothing Equals Nothing) March 30, 2007

It was announced that MedLink International, Inc. (OTCBB: MLKNA) is collaborating with DynaTek Media Corporation to create MedLinkTV. The purpose of this project is to deliver content and advertising to a digital screen network in the waiting rooms of physician offices and outpatient clinics. And check this out Medlink (OTCBB:MLKNA) stocks recently jumped 60% (of course it had better times before). read more

Prevention Insurance Announced That Their Merger Negotiations Fell Apart March 26, 2007

Prevention Insurance (OTCBB: PVNC) announces that the merger discussions with their last merger candidate did not produce a Letter of Intent. But tried to put a positive spin on bad news with an announcement of another deal. For some reason, unbeknownst to us, the stock is up 300% today. read more

Getting Ready Corporation (OTCB GTRY) Share Price Flies High March 25, 2007

Phillip Frost, former Chairman and CEO of Ivax Corporation, has purchased 51% control of a little comapny (March 21), named "Getting Ready Corporation" (OTC Bulletin Board: GTRY). read more

Pluristem up 164%, $8 million dollar funding earlier this week February 21, 2007

The Nasdaq Finished quite strong closing within a hair of the 52 week high. This is starting to look more and more like another leg up in the bull market. Notable stocks from the OTCBB were Pluristem Life Systems Inc. their stock increased 164% on heavy volume of 14.3 million shares. read more

National Energy Down 47% - CFO has resigned1 February 21, 2007

Lackluster trading on wall street today with the Nasdaq Slightly down. But it is black Friday at National Energy Group (OTCBB:NEGI). In an 8-k filing today the company announced a new CFO Hillel Moerman. Moerman will be replacing Randall D. Cooley, who resigned from the Company effective as of November 21, 2006. The alleged reason was to pursue other business interests separate from the Company. The stock is getting hammered today down almost 47% to $3.28. Switching CFO's is rarely greeted warmly. read more

St Online Corp goes up 43% February 20, 2007

ST ONLINE CORP. (OTCBB: STOI) is a Canadian based company selling tennis lesson video clips. Clips are downloadable to the customer's personal computer and may be viewed as often as the customer likes. This Company has still not generated significant revenue. In fact for the year ended September 30th the company had only $229 in revenue. read more