PennyStock Spam Alert

United Consortium (UCSO.PK) Loves Spam June 3, 2008

Every week we've got some new fresh meat at our spammers' section. Today United Consortium (UCSO.PK) is on the spam ride. Let's dig a bit deeper and find out what this company is doing, since its name tells you nothing about it. read more

Does Quality Restaurant Ventures (QRVS.PK) Serve Spam? May 29, 2008

Spam messages touting Quality Restaurant Ventures (QRVS.PK) stock have been popping up in our email accounts recently. Is spam on their menu? Let's find out! read more

Angstrom Microsystems (OTCBB: AGMS) Takes a Spam Route May 29, 2008

Someone has been running a spam campaign that promotes Angstrom Microsystems (OTCBB: AGMS) stock. It has been just eight days since we featured Bio-Clean International (BCLN.PK). Anyway, let's see what we have here. Angstrom Microsystems (OTCBB: AGMS). Sounds interesting... read more

Cancer Guru Jailed for Fraud May 23, 2008

A cancer guru, who promised a revolution in cancer treatment was was given the maximum penalty and will spend 10 years behind bars for false representations. read more

Bio-Clean International (BCLN.PK) Gets Dirty May 21, 2008

Today we've got another stock which has become a target of ruthless spammers. Bio-Clean International (BCLN.PK) has been caught in spam campaign traps. Let's see what's the story behind Bio-Clean International? read more

Extreme Motorsports (EMOC.PK) is Getting Extremely Wild May 19, 2008

It is getting a bit hot in this stock spam campaign. Messages touting Extreme Motorsports (EMOC.PK) have been popping up in our email boxes recently. Nevertheless, today it seems the stock price dived down to $0.32, far behind the pole position. read more

The American Spammers' Idol: Lyric Jeans (LYJN.PK) May 15, 2008

This article won't have anything to do with American Idol. I'm not into this. Today, we've got some fresh meat joining our spammers club. And that is Lyric Jeans (LYJN.PK). Applause. read more

Stock of China Health Management Corp. (CHNC.PK) Needs a Treatment May 14, 2008

Spam messages touting China Health Management Corp. (CHNC.PK) stock have been showing up in our inboxes quite recently. So I thought, why don't we dig deep to see what story lies behind China Health Management . read more

Smoky Market Foods (OTCBB:SMKY) Spends to Promote Their Pennystock May 7, 2008

Smoky Market Foods (OTCBB:SMKY) is a company that seems to be clear on their priorities. Promoting the stock. During the fourth quarter of last year for every one dollar in Revenue they made, they spent at least $10 to promote their stock. read more

Dovarri, Inc. (OTCBB: DVAR.PK) Plans Massive Expansion With Sick Stock April 29, 2008

Dovarri, Inc. (OTCBB: DVAR.PK) has recently announced it has huge plans to conquer Europe and China alongside. A provider's of customer relations management (CRM) and sales force automation stock has been recently showing up in our email boxes. read more

IceWEB (OTCBB: IWEB) Spam Messages Showing Up April 24, 2008

Spam messages touting IceWEB (OTCBB: IWEB), a provider of hosted software applications and network infrastructure, are showing up in mailboxes. read more, inc. (otcbb:prcc) reports 312% increase in losses April 11, 2008 inc. operating losses showed a sharp increase for the year 2007. While revenues failed to reach a meaningful level. Company now the target of a spam promotion campaign. read more

CMKM Diamonds Faces SEC Charges in $64 Million Penny Stock Fraud April 8, 2008

A microscopic mining company called CMKM Diamonds Inc., which was trading under a penny, has been accused of a $64 million penny stock fraud. read more

Red Branch Technologies (RBTI): With You All the Way...And Now With Your Email Box April 1, 2008

Indeed Red Branch Technologies is with you all the way. Even it is with your email box, as the company's stock has been promoting on a stock spam campaign lately. So, say hello to Red Branch Technologies, Inc (RBTI.PK), another pink-sheeter. read more

DnC Multimedia Corporation (DCNM) Enjoys Its Spam March 31, 2008

DnC Multimedia Corporation (DCNM) spam messages have been spreading all around the world. Let's see what's the story here... read more

Alternative Energy Technology Center (AETE.PK) Promotes its Green Thoughts Thro... March 28, 2008

Alternative Energy Technology Center (AETE.PK) spam has been recently showing up. Is it the way Alternative Energy Technology Center (AETE.PK) promotes its green technology? read more

Here Green Spam Goes: Greenstone Holdings Inc. (GSHN.PK) March 27, 2008

Greenstone Holdings Inc. (GSHN.PK) spam has been showing up recently. Is it the way Greenstone Holdings Inc. (GSHN.PK) promotes its 'green' technologies? Or is it just another one-off spam campaign initiated by a group of hungry investors? read more

Zyto Corp. (ZYTC.PK): Another Brick in the Wall? March 25, 2008

It is another hunt day of penny stock spammers here at HotStocked. Today, we've got Zyto Corp. (ZYTC.PK) under our magnifying glass... read more

Stock Spammer Gets 10-Year Sentence March 21, 2008

Michael Saquella, a.k.a. Michael Paloma, a man, who committed securities and electronic mail frauds has been given ten years in federal prison. Paloma was also ordered to pay $7,806,303.58 in damages. read more

FBI and Brazil Authorities Team up to Crack Down Fraud Gang March 21, 2008

It took three years for US authorities to tackle a gang which have made $50 million in money laundering. read more