PennyStock Spam Alert

Pricester's (PRCC) Spam Is Hanging Around March 20, 2008

If you're reading this, I bet you get loads of investment junk mail in your email box. I'm not quite sure if you received one about, Inc. (PRCC), but others did. Let's see what this company has been up to recently. read more, Inc. (EFSF) Likes Its Spam March 20, 2008

Despite fruitful earnings report from, Inc. (EFSF) just two days ago, hungry investors pushed the stock hard, spreading spam emails around the world. has the story. read more

The Story of Jason Wynn March 17, 2008

He was supposed to be the boss of the one-stop online shop for private jet charters. But the dream of Jason Wynn went into shatters as his jet even hardly took-off. has the story of Jason Wynn. read more

Father and Daughter Swindles $70m out of 15,000 British Pensioners March 14, 2008

Paul Gunter and Zibiah Gunter - these are the names that will probably stay in the heads of some 15,000 British pensioners for a while. A father and a daughter have teamed up to trick $70m out of elderly British citizens. read more

Legacy Mining (LEYM) Digs Spam March 12, 2008

I love spammers just because of their hard dedication. They send this rubbish so they could make easy money. Legacy Mining (LEYM) spammy emails have been spreading around the world recently, has learnt. read more

Spam Campaign Drives Pro Logistics (OPLO.PK) Stock Higher March 11, 2008

Today we've got another pink-sheeter to join our Penny Stock Spammers Club. Pro Logistics (OPLO.PK) is the candidate. Let's investigate the company's story... read more

In Search of Arctic Oil: Arctic Oil & Gas Corp. (AOAG) March 3, 2008

As the Arctic icecaps are melting fast, the race for oil-rich assets is heating-up. Arctic Oil & Gas Corp. (AOAG) is one of the U.S companies that are targeting Arctic oil wells. read more

From Argentina With Spam: Pluris Energy Group, Inc. (PEYG) February 29, 2008

Spam emails touting Pluris Energy Group, Inc. (PEYG) have been showing up recently. Based in Houston, the company endeavors to find rich oil and gas assets in South America. read more

SEC Sues Toilet Seat Makers for Fraud February 28, 2008

Edward Klein, a former president and principle owner of Clean Care Technologies, may have to sell its very-own toilet seat so that he could pay $2.2 million for committing a fraud. read more

American Racing Capital, Inc. (AMRA) Crashes Into the Spam Wall February 27, 2008

Do you like the sound of the roaring engine? I do. But today we are not going to talk about the racing. We're going to talk about American Racing Capital, a company which makes money by organising races. Let’s see how fast can it go? read more

GSI Securitization Inc. (GSII.PK) Spam Bombards Inboxes February 27, 2008

Have you already got swamped by GSI Securitization Inc. (GSII.PK) spam? If not, your inbox might be flooded with GSI spam sooner or later. read more

Environmentally Friendly, but Stinks of Spam: Budget Waste Inc. (BDGW.PK) February 26, 2008

Let me introduce another stock that reeks of spam. Maybe the company does make the planet greener, but still, it can't tackle spammers, who seek rapid fortune by manipulating Budget Waste Inc. stock (BDGW.PK). Let’s see how the company is going to save our planet. read more

The Story of Gary Jay Gross February 19, 2008

From a diligent business student at Hofstra University to unscrupulous broker, shortly before filing for his first bankruptcy, this is a story of Gary Jay Gross, the man who tricked many of his clients - the man who has been spending investors' money without pause. read more

The Wrong Meat For You: Atlan International Holdings Corp (ATLI.PK) February 15, 2008

Without fanfare let me introduce you another super spammer, whose unsolicited emails have been showing up in inboxes since January 15th. It’s actually another pink sheeter - Atlan International Holdings Corp, traded under the symbol ATLI.PK. Let’s see what this spammer has been up to lately. read more

SEC Cracks Down Pump-and-Dump Spammer February 11, 2008

The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced a settlement with a lawyer in California they say helped assist a multi-million dollar fraud by issuing a series of bogus legal opinion letters used by fraudsters in spam-fueled pump-and-dump schemes. read more

Permanent Tech Inc (PERT.PK) Joins the Spammers Club February 6, 2008

It has come to our attention that the stock of Permanent Tech Inc (PERT.PK) has been promoted recently in a spam campaign. read more

Spammers Just Love Cyberhand Tech New (CYHA.PK) January 29, 2008

Spammers must really love Cyberhand Tech New (CYHA.PK), as their partnership with this stock started December 12 and has continued unabated to this day. Recently, these spammers have flooded my email box as well, in a vain attempt to get me to buy Cyberhand Tech New (CYHA.PK) stock. read more

EnerBrite Tech (ETGU) is on the Spammers' Target List January 22, 2008

Recently, the stock of EnerBrite Tech (ETGU), a company devoted to energy saving measures, has been a target of spammers who hope to pump the stock price. The company has denied any kind of involvement of this spam campaign. read more

The Wrong Meat for You. Bigstring Corp. (BSGC) January 10, 2008

If you read this, I bet you get stock spam enough to make you drive crazy. I reckon, some of you have recently welcomed Bigstring Corp. (BSGC) junk. read more

Monumental Marketing Inc (MNUM) On The Spam Radar November 13, 2007

I can only think of two reasons, why this stock is being promoted on the spam campaign now for four days: either the heads of this company are in short supply of money for Christmas gifts or maybe they’re finally eager to make some positive figures in the company’s data sheet by the end of this year. That would be an achievement of the year for this company, ah? read more