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DSG International Plc (ADR) (PINK:DSITY), (LON:DSGI) Attracts Not Only Customers March 29, 2011

These days, the shares of DSG International Plc. (ADR) (PINK:DSITY), (LON:DSGI) truly grabbed investors' attention. Maybe, the interest towards the company's stock was even stronger than the interest of DSITY's customers towards the products in the company's mega stores. In addition, the shares of the one of Europe's leading retailing group were highly demanded not only on the European capital market. read more

Neoprobe Corporation (OTC:NEOP) Stock Loses Value On Heavy Volume September 21, 2010

These days, Neoprobe Corporation (OTC:NEOP) stock is losing value in expectation of the pre-NDA submission and of the speculative interest. For four consecutive trading sessions, NEOP stock pulls back on a heavy volume. read more

How Far May Alamo Energy Corp (OTC:ALME) Stock Go September 21, 2010

During yesterday's trading session, Alamo Energy Corp (OTC:ALME) stock proved again that it can become a gainer contrary to the company's disclosures. read more

For How Long Will Emisphere Technologies, Inc. (OTC:EMIS) Stock Pull Back? August 27, 2010

Yesterday, Emisphere Technologies, Inc. (OTC:EMIS) stock pulled back, correcting the enthusiastic share price increase during Wednesday's session, when the stock alerts and the news about funds raising caused more than 1.8 million shares to change hands. read more

Alamo Energy Corp (OTC:ALME) Stock Is Pushed Up On No News August 26, 2010

These days, Alamo Energy Corp (OTC:ALME) stock was pushed up, not on news, but thanks to some speculative interest. Though, not considering the recent rush, ALME stock has lost 5% of its value since the latest positive news about the company. read more

Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:SHIP) Stock Dives To A Depth Of Below $1 August 26, 2010

For a second trading session in row, Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:SHIP) stock dives to a depth of below $1. Maybe, the ongoing stock promotion and the increased these days interest of experienced in shorting divers will save SHIP from drowning. read more

Bombardier, Inc.(TSE:BBD.B) (PINK:BDRBF) Stock Rolls Up August 23, 2010

Following the latest news from the company, it seems that Bombardier, Inc.(TSE:BBD.B), (PINK:BDRBF) stock will roll up today with a slight delay. On Friday, Bombardier disclosed the information about $365 million US valued orders for the rolling stock from an unknown customer. read more

Mitsubishi UFJ Finan (PINK:MBFJF) Stock Climbs Up And Still Needs Investor Atte... August 19, 2010

Yesterday, the rarely traded and as it seems not so popular Mitsubishi UFJ Finan (PINK:MBFJF) stock climbed up by 7.83%, following the announcement of the company's positive financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010. read more

Veraz Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRAZ) Stock Rolled Further Down, But... August 19, 2010

Suffering from a strong downtrend for more than three months and being the subject of shorters' interest, Veraz Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRAZ) stock rolled further down yesterday, being the subject of shorters' interest. read more

Fannie Mae 8.235% PFD T (OTC:FNMAT) Stock Is Landing August 18, 2010

Yesterday, Fannie Mae 8.235% PFD T (OTC:FNMAT) stock landed down. Being traded on the OTC market since the end of June, FNMAT pulled 0.28% back on an unprecedented volume. During the session, more than 2.6 million shares changed hands. This was the first volume record of FNMAT on the OTC “floor”. read more

Alamo Energy Corp (OTC:ALME) Awakes From The Lethargy August 18, 2010

These days, Alamo Energy Corp (OTC:ALME) stock woke up from its continuous lethargy that lasted for almost three months. The news about funds raising and the speculative bids rushed ALME shares up. read more

OMNI Energy Services Corp. (NASDAQ:OMNI) Stock Is Climbing Up August 17, 2010

Yesterday, OMNI Energy Services Corp. (NASDAQ:OMNI) stock traded twice the average for the company volume on no news since the beginning of the month. read more

Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (PINK:LQMT) Stock Pulls Back August 16, 2010

It looks like this week Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (PINK:LQMT) stock will be again in sight of investors. Parallel to the company's corporate announcements, an unpaid stock promotion and some stock alerts are also keeping the fire burning for the hot LQMT stock. read more

Genta Incorporated (OTC:GETAD) Stock Rushes Upwards After The Split August 13, 2010

Today, investors of Genta Incorporated (OTC:GETAD) stock may experience the feeling of having done a really valuable investment this time. After the 1:100 reverse stock split became effective at the beginning of the month, GETAD shares look more valuable. Though, the stock added real value just yesterday, as the company's financials for the quarter ended this June were released. read more

China Marine Food Group Ltd (AMEX:CMFO) Stock “Shone As Brightly As Diamonds” August 12, 2010

It seems that these days investors of China Marine Food Group Ltd (AMEX:CMFO) stock hooked the “small gold-fish, whose eyes shone as brightly as diamonds“. Moving upwards in a yet unconfirmed uptrend, CMFO shares rose almost 10% since Monday. But the announced company's financials attracted even more speculators than fans of fundamentals. read more

Cornerstone Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:CRTX) Stock Turns Back August 12, 2010

Yesterday, Cornerstone Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:CRTX) stock turned 6.79% back, on exceeding the average for the company trading volume. This was the first significant pullback of CRTX stock for this month. After the hot news, the time for a price correction has come. read more

The Public Skype S.A. Will Be Publicity Traded August 11, 2010

One of the most popular companies Skype S.à r.l. made its first SEC filing on Monday, presenting the company's prospectus for its initial public offering (IPO) of American depositary shares (ADS). read more

Affymax, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFFY) Stock Shoots Up August 9, 2010

On Friday, one month after the last deep plunge of Affymax, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFFY) stock, a completely different scenario proved investor willingness to support the shares' upward direction. Two important and positive events rushed AFFY stock, leaving the hope that it deserves a higher fair value. read more

Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:JGBO) Stock Gathers Strength August 4, 2010

Yesterday, Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:JGBO) stock followed its upward direction from the beginning of the week. The huge volume traded confirmed investors' willingness to keep JGBO stock price as far as possible from last July's deep bottom. read more

Generex Biotechnology Corporation (NASDAQ:GNBT) Stock May Get Delisted From The... August 3, 2010

It looks like all desperate attempts of the company's management to save Generex Biotechnology Corporation (NASDAQ:GNBT) stock from delisting from the Nasdaq Stock Market are helpless. One of them was the already paid GNBT stock promotion, which at present does not give positive results. read more