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Adpads, Incorporated

As of December 6, 2001, upon its merger with Blue Flying Fish, Inc., AdPads has become a diversified holding company currently comprised of four operating subsidiaries: Buhl Industries ("Buhl"); First America Mortgage Group ("FAMG"); BFF Services ("BFF Services") and newly formed Blue Flying Fish Merchandising Group, ("BFF Merchandising Group"). Our business strategy is to selectively add ... more

Catalina Lighting, Inc

Color Kinetics, Inc

Csl Lighting Manufacturing, Inc.

CSL Lighting Manufacturing, Inc., (d.b.a. Creative Systems Lighting) (the "Company") designs, manufactures and markets mid to high-end lighting fixtures for both commercial and residential applications on a worldwide basis. more

Fibrestar, Inc

Fiberstars designs, develops, manufactures and markets fiber optic lighting systems for wide-ranging uses in both the general commercial and the pool and spa lighting markets. Our EFO lighting system, first introduced in 2004, offers greater energy savings, heat dissipation, and maintenance cost benefits over conventional lighting for multiple applications. ... more

Hi Score Corp.

High Score Corporation Inc. is a supplier of eco-friendly lighting products in the Western Hemisphere. It offers its client base the fiscal and ecological practicality of utilizing safe, efficient, solid state green lighting rather than conventional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Hi Score Corporation was incorporated in the State of Nevada in 1966. In July 2009 the Company was ... more

Hubbell Inc.

Lamson & Sessions Co.

Lighting Science Group Corporation

Luminart Corp.

Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc.

Radio World Corp.

Intercom Technologies Corp. (the "Company") was incorporated in October 1977 under the name L.J. L. Intercom Services Corp. The Company was formed to acquire certain assets and rights to the name of L.J. Loeffler Inc., which had filed a petition for bankruptcy. L.J. Loeffler Inc. had been a manufacturer of signaling and telephone systems for apartment houses since 1898. The ... more

Sli, Inc.

The Company believes that it is one of the six largest full-line lighting companies in the world, offering lamps and fixtures. Primarily through its acquisition-based growth strategy, the Company has developed from a specialized U.S. manufacturer and supplier of miniature lighting products into one of the world's largest vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of lighting products and ... more

Techlite, Inc.

of retrofitting existing lighting fixtures in buildings used for commercial, education, manufacturing, municipal, institutional and health care purposes. TechLite employs a systems approach, whereby state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, lighting-retrofit components are designed to work in harmony to maximize fixture efficiency and light levels while obtaining energy ... more

Tri-lite, Inc.