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Kafus Industries Ltd.

NuEarth Corp.

NuEarth is dedicated and established to bringing to the US market a wide selection of existing innovative "Clean & Green" products and technologies that have applications in a wide range of markets and industries. NuEarth seeks the immediate expansion of its latest products and technologies into the U.S. mining, road construction, stripping, cleaning, paint removal, agriculture and dry ... more

Peregrine Industries

Purus, Inc.

Quality Products, Inc

Quality Products, Inc. (the “Company”), a Delaware corporation, is a holding company, originally organized in 1988 under the name “Analytics Inc.”  We have three wholly-owned operating subsidiaries.  QPI Multipress, Inc. (“Multipress”), an Ohio corporation, is a manufacturer of hydraulic presses and accessories.  The trade name ... more

RINO International Corp.

RINO International Corporation, through its direct and indirect subsidiaries, including Innomind Group Limited and Dalian Innomind Environment Engineering Co., Ltd., its contractually-controlled affiliate, Dalian RINO Environmental Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. ("Dalian Rino") and Dalian Rino's wholly-owned subsidiaries, Dalian Rino Environmental Engineering Project Design Co., ... more

Tb Woods Corp

day of the registrant’s most recently completed second fiscal quarter, was $20,730,710 based on the last reported sale price of the Company’s Common Stock as reported by the NASDAQ Global Market System. more

Tenney Engineering, Inc.

In December 1992, the Company announced that it would continue a corporate restructuring whereby it would discontinue the manufacturing of environmental test equipment at its Union, New Jersey facility (the "Union Facility"). In February 1993, the Company discontinued the manufacturing of environmental test equipment at its Union, New Jersey, facility. In December 1992, the Company entered ... more