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Acrodyne Communication

THE COMPANY . We are Acrodyne Communications, Inc., a Delaware corporation, which operates in one industry segment — the design, manufacture and marketing of television broadcast transmitters, which are sold in the United States and internationally.  Our wholly owned operating subsidiary, Acrodyne Industries, Inc., manufactures and sells TV transmitters produced to customer ... more

Adaptive Broadband Corp.

GENERAL Adaptive Broadband Corporation (the "Company") is a supplier of data communications transmission equipment for the deployment of broadband wireless communication over the Internet. Providing high-capacity, last-mile point-to- multipoint data links spanning the frequency range of 2 to 42 GHz with current products in the MMDS, 3.5 GHZ (WLL), U-NII (5 GHz license-free) and LMDS ... more

C-cor Corp

C-COR Incorporated (C-COR), headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania, is a global provider of integrated network solutions that include access and transport equipment, software solutions, and technical services for broadband networks and for the ongoing transition to packet-based, Internet Protocol networks. Our core strategy is to lead network operators through the transition to Internet ... more

Ceragon Networks Ltd

China Mobile Media

Concentrax, Inc.

Concentrax Inc. ("we", "us", or "the Company") provides monitoring and tracking systems for the automobile, heavy equipment and trucking industries. Our primary product, called "Track-Down" is a self-contained (i.e. a portable and operational without additional components) transceiver Unit that can be installed in vehicles and essentially any movable equipment that has a battery. We provide a ... more

Datamarine International, Inc.

Statements in this report that relate to future results and events are based on the Company's current expectations. Actual results in future periods may differ materially from those currently expected or desired because of a number of risks and uncertainties. more

Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc.

Digital Utilities Ventures is an intellectual property company and advanced technology incubator incorporated in the State of Delaware in June 2006. The Company was formed to utilize its innovative, Internet to TV and Cell Phone Communications System for the domestic and international Quad-Play/Convergence services market. The Company went public on March 26, 2009. more

Eagle Broadband

Eagle Broadband, Inc

Eagle is an integrated focused company that designs and manufactures a wide range of broadband products and provides complete installation services for copper, fiber, and wireless to the commercial and residential markets. The combination of Eagle Wireless and ClearWorks gives Eagle an expanded market, product and service synergies, the opportunity for rapid growth and recurring revenues. Core ... more

Emcee Broadcast Products, Inc.

, it anticipates that most of its initial sales of HDTV products will come from LPTV customers. Additionally, the Company will continue to pursue sales in the MMDS market (primarily by supplying resellers in the overseas MMDS market), which is the market in which it is competitively the strongest. more

Entertainment Dist

Glenayre Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware on September 21, 1987, and is the successor to a corporation organized on April 7, 1945. The principal executive offices are located in New York City at 825 8 th Avenue, New York, New York, 10019. The Company’s telephone number for investor relations is (212) 333-8400. In this Form 10-K, the terms “we,” ... more

Gilat Satallite Network Ltd

Gilat Satallite Network Ltd designs, develops and markets innovative satellite and hybrid networking products, services and solutions and has shipped more than 750,000 VSATs to operators in 85 countries. Gilat provides broadband solutions that deliver efficient, reliable and affordable data, Internet, voice and video to enterprises, governments, carriers and consumers around the globe. Gilat ... more

Global Technologies, Ltd.

is carried on through Global's United Kingdom subsidiary, TNCi UK Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales. Global currently owns 60% of the outstanding equity of TNCi UK. more

Hillman Group Capital Trust