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Adsouth Partners, Inc

Certain statements made herein or elsewhere by, or on behalf of, the Company that are not historical facts are intended to be forward-looking statements within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements are based on assumptions about future events and are therefore inherently uncertain. more

Alternate Marketing Networks, Inc

Alternate Marketing Networks, Inc. is a business services company serving Fortune 500 and middle market companies, through three complementary lines of business services: software implementation and support services; logistics process management; and advertising and marketing process management. Our services are provided throughout the United States to clients such as General Motors, Verizon, ... more

April Energy, Inc.

C&d Prodtn, Inc

C & D Production Inc. was founded in 1998 and is currently one of the largest professional advertisement production company in Taiwan. We primarily produce and distribute commercial advertisements for large-scale multinational companies such as Ford, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Jaguar, Wrigley's, 7-11 Convenience Stores, Republic of China, Mild Seven Times, Sony, Ericsson, Gillette, Makoto Bank, ... more

Cgi Communications Services, Inc.

China Media1 Corp

We were incorporated in the State of Nevada on August 6, 2002 under the name Eagle River Mining Corp. Our name was changed to China Media1 Corp. on January 14, 2005 and we are currently engaged in advertising in Southern China. Our administrative office is located at 142-757 West Pender St., Suite 328, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6C 1A1, and our telephone number: (778) 881-0939. We maintain a ... more

China Nat Resources

es that would provide a profit to the Company. The Company had no operating business until control of it was acquired in December 1994, by the former shareholders of Billion Luck, who exchanged all of the issued and outstanding shares of capital stock of Billion Luck for 108,000 shares of the Company's Common Stock. As a result of the acquisition, the former shareholders of Billion Luck ... more

China Yida Holding

Dialog Group, Inc

Dialog Group, Inc. has sold all of its assets to Dialog Marketing Services, Inc. in January 2007. more

Global Sources Ltd

Heritage Media Corp

Houston Interweb Design, Inc.

--Risk Factors", in Part II "Management's Discussion and Analysis" and elsewhere in this Annual Report. We do not assume any obligation to update any of the forward-looking statements we make. more

InoLife Technologies, Inc.

InoLife Technologies, Inc was established in order to identify and develop a wide variety of Human and Veterinary Healthcare technology, product and service solutions. The company has no operations yet. more

Maxworldwide, Inc

MaxWorldwide, Inc. (sometimes referred to herein as "MaxWorldwide" or the "Company") is a leading independent company in online advertising sales and representation. We are an Internet-based provider of marketing solutions for marketers and Web publishers. These solutions principally rely on our sale of Internet advertisements for websites that we represent, from which we generate revenue by ... more

Naspers Ltd