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Aaron Rents Inc.

     Although definitive industry statistics are not available, we believe that Aaron Rents is one of the largest furniture rental companies in the United States. We also believe that we generally have a favorable competitive position in that industry because of our manufacturing capabilities, prompt delivery, competitive pricing, brand recognition and commitment to ... more

Bestway, Inc

     Competitors could impede the Company’s ability to attract new customers or could attract current customers away from the Company. The Company’s business is highly competitive. The Company’s competitors include national, regional and local operators of rent-to-own stores and credit retailers. The Company competes in the rent-to-rent market with ... more

Hanover Compressor Co.

Interpool, Inc.

On occasion, we have entered into joint ventures with shipping lines and other third parties, primarily for the purpose of funding the construction of facilities in Asia to manufacture chassis and other equipment. In general, we have agreed to make a specified financial contribution of capital to these joint ventures in return for a minority equity interest and the right to representation on ... more

Rent-way, Inc.

     Rent-Way, Inc. (the “Company” or “Rent-Way”) operates 788 rental-purchase stores located in 34 states. The Company offers quality, brand name home entertainment equipment, furniture, computers, major appliances and jewelry to customers under full-service, rental-purchase agreements that allow the customer to obtain ownership of the merchandise ... more

Surebet Casinos, Inc.

Interactive Gaming & Communications Corp. formerly, Sports International Ltd. the("Company") was incorporated in the state of Delaware in June 1986 under the name of "Entertainment Tonight Video Express Ltd." to develop a market for the home delivery of video cassette rentals, which effort was abandoned in November 1987. From December 1987 until August 1994, the Company did not conduct any ... more

Universal Compression Holdings, Inc.

day of the registrant’s most recently completed second fiscal quarter was approximately $1.9 billion. For purposes of the above statements only, all directors, executive officers and 10% stockholders are assumed to be affiliates. This calculation does not reflect a determination that such persons are affiliates for any other purpose. more

Williams Scotsman

   We have expanded our sales business to meet the increased demand from our customers. Historically, we have sold new units to customers who prefer to own rather than lease. Although the education sector has been and will continue to be a consistent source of our sales revenue, we believe there are significant opportunities for the sale of modular space units to other sectors such ... more