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Ajay Sports, Inc.

Ajay Sports, Inc. (the "Company”) operates the franchise segment of its business through Pro Golf International, Inc., a 97% owned subsidiary, which was formed during 1999 and owns 100% of the outstanding stock of Pro Golf of America, Inc., and 80% of the stock of, Inc.  (“”).  Pro Golf of America, Inc. is the franchisor of Pro Golf / Pro ... more

American Rare Earths and Materials, Corp.

Bollinger Industries, Inc.

Bollinger Industries, Inc. (the "Company"), a corporation incorporated under the laws of the state of Delaware in 1993, is a leading U.S. based supplier of consumer fitness products. Use of fitness products and equipment is important for the health and well being of many American consumers. "For many Americans, home exercise equipment is now seen as an amenity, a possession that contributes to ... more

Bp Intl, Inc

BP International, Inc. is a manufacturer of tennis court equipment, industrial fabrics, athletic field and gymnasium equipment, privacy and construction fence screening, fabric architecture shade structures and cabanas, sports lighting, and custom netting. more

Centurian Gold Hdlgs, Inc

China Bio-immunity Corp.

Cyntech Technologies, Inc.

Cyntech Technologies, Inc. proposes to develop and operate plants using proprietary technologies called the Windstar ThermReTec(tm) process to produce marketable petrochemical fuel products and scrap steel through recycling hydrocarbon-based products such as tires or plastics. We have not constructed a plant to date, but intend to develop and finance an initial plant in Chambers County, Texas. more

Forefront Holdings

Golfgear International, Inc.

GolfGear International, Inc. ("GolfGear" or the "Company") designs, develops and markets innovative premium golf clubs intended to improve the quality and performance of a golfer's game. Utilizing patented forged face insert technology, the Company has created a new generation of metal woods and irons. The Company believes that the concept of producing a golf head with a ... more

Green Machine Development Corp

Upon completion of the acquisition of Green Machine Management, Corp. (GMMC), which became a wholly owned subsidiary, the Company owned two parcels of Real Estate and a purchase contract for an additional parcel. The Company has experienced a delay in the development due to administration changes in the Town of Ocean Ridge and their new interpetation of zoning code regulations. The Company ... more

Intelligent Living Inc.

Intelligent Living, Inc. is a developer of health and wellness product, focusing on mobile applications and recently moving into the medical cannabis sector through acquisitions. Its segments include exercise, nutrition, supplements, mental acuity testing and training, through our subsidiaries MIND360 Studios LLC, and Health and Beyond Nutra Company Inc. more

K2, Inc.

K2 believes that in 2006 the sporting goods market experienced a continuation of the trends of the past few years. First, the sporting goods market experienced very modest growth in wholesale sales, in line with growth in gross domestic product. Second, as a result of the consolidation of certain sporting goods retailers worldwide in the past few years, there has been a growing influence of ... more

Nebo Products, Inc.

Certain statements contained in this report, which are not historical facts, are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 that involve risks and uncertainties. The terms "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "expect," "objective," "plan," "project," and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements. These ... more

Pti Holding, Inc.

Teardrop Golf Co.

We (the "Company" or "TearDrop") design, develop and market throughout the world high-quality, premium price golf clubs including (a) the TearDrop putters with Roll-Face(TM) Technology; (b) the Tommy Armour ("Tommy Armour" or "Armour") 845 irons and woods; (c) the Ram ("Ram" or "RAM") line of irons, woods, and wedges; and (d) the Zebra putters with Roll-Face(TM) Technology. The TearDrop, Tommy ... more