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Bunzl Plc

China Food Services, Corp.

China Food Services, Corp., through its subsidiaries (Golden Dragon Import & Export Company of Hong Kong) & (Beijing Jin Long Fei International Trading Company) distributes, imports and markets domestic Chinese and global imported food and beverage brand products directly into the hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores in China. The Company is responsible for order ... more

G Willi-food Intl Ltd

Globus International Resources Corp.

Globus International Resources Corp.(the "Company") was originally incorporated in Nevada on October 24, 1984 under the name Ross Custom Electronics("Ross"). On May 6, 1995 Globus Food Systems International Corp., a privately held Delaware Corporation, was merged into Ross. On October 18, 1996, Globus Food Systems International Corp. changed its name to Globus International Resources Corp. more

Military Resale Group, Inc.

We are a regional distributor of grocery and household items specializing in distribution to the military market. We distribute a wide variety of items, including fresh and frozen meat and poultry, seafood, frozen foods, canned and dry goods, beverages, dairy products, paper goods and cleaning and other supplies. Our operations are currently directed to servicing the commissary at each of six ... more

Pennexx Foods, Inc.

Pennexx does not have a written agreement with any customers; orders are placed periodically, usually once or twice per week. Although Pennexx was the first supplier of case-ready meats to many of its present customers, currently Pennexx is not the exclusive supplier of case-ready meats to any of its customers. more