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B-fast Corp.

b-Fast Corp. ("b-Fast"), founded in 1948, was incorporated in Louisiana under the name "Pan-Air Corporation". In 1980, we changed our name to "Aero Services International, Inc." In September 1999, we again changed our name to "b-Fast Corp." b- Fast's corporate office is located at 660 Newtown-Yardley Road, Newtown, Pennsylvania, 18940, and its telephone number is 215-860- 5600. more

Coastal Integrated Services, Inc.

Coastal Integrated Services, Inc. (PINK:COLV) is an energy company focused on oil and gas production, and reclamation and recycling of various hydrocarbon waste streams. The company acquired Revolutions Products in the hope it could market and sell a line of lubricants for the transportation industry. more

Exergetic Energy, Inc.

Exergetic Energy, Inc. defines itself as a “holistic energy company”. The focus of the company is the reduction of the Carbon Footprint of its customers. Exergetic recently acquired SSI, and is trying to capitalize on both the renewable and non-renewable energy supply business sectors. The company is located in Detroit, Michigan. more