Baristas Coffee Company Inc (BCCI)

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1 $BCCI #Radar penny stocks grow fast,... 0
2 Yes I can help, install Adaware and do a... 0
3 I am trying to download the software, the... 1
4 BBCI is a pumped penny stock scam. Join... 0
5 U are a clown visit IHub u bashes are... 0
6 I think they are doing a lot with what... 0
7 Lol how did that work out for u ,ya clown... 0
8 yes this company has been doing good 0
9 BCCI's revenues have been improving on a... 1
10 This company is a scam. I do not have time... 2
11 Really is that why they just finished... 1
12 There is no reality TV show. He did not... 1
13 here r some pics from reality tv shoot... 1
14 Baristas Opens in Montana, Cements... 0
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