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Guest January 25, 2014, 09:44AM
7 Questions for CBIS I should ask As a long time shareholder (and not a day trader) I have 7 questions 1-What are your earnings and earnings per share? 2-Whats new? 3-Will this company offer dividends, warrants, call/put options on its shares? 4-Which strategic alliances, ventures, research partners do you have that you can disclose? 5-The stock is steadily growing are there further legal or regulatory hurdles that your company has to overcome? 6-Do you derive other source of income you can elaborate on? 7-Could you stream past interviews you've had and what's next for Cannabis Science inc.? I think I'll ask the company directly
bdbjoe January 06, 2012, 06:33PM
there has been a lot of talk about CBIS lately, mainly that the stock is ready to explode to the upside like it has several times in the past. any thoughts on that? is now a good time to buy? thanks