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Guest August 14, 2012, 06:06AM
No, he is now owns a Licensed Financial Advisory in Malta. He can't himself put his name up but he has a second proxy John Kim an attorney from Toronto's name on the company Guardian Securities (Malta ) Limited. All his initial employees and directors quit , because he cheated them for their salary and he used boiler rooms in europe to do unauthorized trades through Guardian Securities. The Maltese regulators were informed of these unauthorized trades before the employees and Directors resigned. John Kim is perfectly aware of the type of business Michael Shumak does as he was warned by the individuals who quit and saw the admissions of wrong doing Shumak did. For more information on Mr. Shumak please go to the following links dedicated to recovering money Shumak stole off of these individuals. https://infrcs.com/Trans-National.html http://www.crimes-of-persuasion.com/boilerrooms/trans-national.htm http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/may/31/credit-suisse-banking-shares-scam