Post No: 470411 February 27, 2012, 02:08AM
jdavid wrote:

Cash is King or is it Cash is Trash… I’ll take it slow but sure with a winner OTC : FLKI

Why do I favor investing in small, fundamentally valuable companies with real businesses, real assets, published financials (if on the Pinks, rated “Current Information”), ample trade information and coverage available by a simple search on Google or similar, real products, real markets, real distribution, profitable companies with Earnings Per Share (EPS) of at least 15% of the Price Per Share (PPS), a PPS at a fraction of book value, affording 2-3 swing trading opportunities each year for liquidity; companies invariably unknown or ignored by the “street”, well superior high double digit real inflation adjusted after tax returns is one good reason and this one has it all.

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